Idaho biologists recovering from helicopter crash

Cause of crash is still not known-

Idaho biologists recovering from helicopter crash.  The Associated Press

Although this has been discussed and we have been told a good investigation of matter has taken place over the last three days, the AP article says the cause of the crash is not know. It was a wolf, elk, and moose darting flight.

Let’s hope the biologists and pilot recover from the accident and that their hospital costs are paid. State employees often don’t have much in the way of health insurance anymore.



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  1. mikepost Avatar

    Some others die in pursuit of science. These 4 were killed on a deer survey last week.

  2. Larry Zuckerman Avatar

    Still, this is a very good reason not to allow helicopters for wolf collaring into the Frank Church River-Of-No-Return Wilderness.

    Besides the Wilderness Act and loss of wildness and solitude, there is the human safety concern such as if the helicopter crashes in the middle of the Frank, how do you find the injured and rescue them successfully? It is just not necessary to risk the wilderness and the biologists that study them. Plus, it is real expensive, and now health and insurance costs need to be factored in.

  3. timz Avatar

    If it’s on the job injury it should be a workermans comp case.

  4. gline Avatar

    Bad karma racking up.

  5. mikarooni Avatar

    You stole my line, gline.

  6. Mark Gamblin (IDFG) Avatar
    Mark Gamblin (IDFG)

    All –
    Update: all three crash victims are recovering well with relatively minor injuries following the helicopter hard landing. The NTSB is conducting a standard investigation of the cause of the crash. A review of flight safety protocol adherence and performance in this situation has been completed during the three day stay of wildlife aerial work by IDFG personnel. Aerial wildlife capture, monitoring and population survey work will resume tomorrow (Tuesday).

  7. Jay Avatar

    Bad form Gline–the books written about wolves, lions, elk, etc., have been written by these types of folks that are dedicated enough to go up in flying contraptions to collect the data. For you to imply they deserved it because you disagree with the intent of the work is pretty classless.


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