Second outbreak in Montana this year.

Bighorn Sheep from the Bonner herd © Ken Cole

Bighorn Sheep from the Bonner herd © Ken Cole

This is near an area where domestic sheep have been grazed to control weeds during recent years. The New York Times wrote a story about it here.

FWP kills seven bighorn sheep after pneumonia confirmed in Bonner herd. By Rob Chaney of the Missoulian

1-16-10 5 more bighorns killed in West Riverside in effort to stop pneumonia. By Rob Chaney. Missoulian

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2 Responses to FWP kills seven bighorn sheep after pneumonia confirmed in Bonner herd

  1. kt says:

    Well, this weed grazing by domestic sheep is just a scam for industry to feel good, and get tax dollars as more rancher welfare.

    From the New York Times article:

    Nationwide, sheep grazing is gaining popularity as a low-cost, nontoxic tool in the battle to control leafy spurge, knapweed, dalmatian toadflax and other invasive weed species.

    AFTER you beat it to death with sheep – WHAT will really be there 5 years down the road? Just more weeds.

    AND then they go on to say it is a GROWTH INDUSTRY.

    Au contraire – it is a DEATH INDUSTRY.

    Time to just stop this nonsense of having domestic sheep in wild places, Period.

    Also, there may have been domestic goats grazed in Elko County in the Ruby Mountain areas – the local ag goons have been promoting that, too. So was it the Corta Paris Livestock in the Rubies, or “weed control” goats, or perhaps sheep, that killed those bighorns???

  2. kt
    Right on! Until we get domestic sheep off of public lands bighorns will always be at risk. The idiots that keep small bands of domestic sheep next to bighorn habitat need to go also.


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