Idaho Legislators approve OK new state land grazing lease rules

They were approved after some concessions to the Idaho Cattle Association-

Since I haven’t seen the actual text, I don’t know if the concessions to the ICA are cosmetic, technical, or actually gut the intent to let someone other than livestock owners bid for 10 year leases of the state school endowment lands.

Legislators approve OK new grazing lease rules. By John Miller.  Associated Press Writer






  1. Ken Cole Avatar

    I attended the hearing yesterday and it was apparent that the fix was in. The public hearing portion was just a formality because the people who opposed the rule change were all on the same page. The Idaho Cattle Association made their statement and the following people just testified that they supported the ICA.

    The problem for me was that I didn’t have a copy of the proposed rule changes or a copy of what the ICA wanted. 10 minutes after the hearing the Senate Committee re-adjourned and a motion to accept the complicated proposal that the ICA had made was agreed to.


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