She Runs With The Wolves

Todd Wilkinson profiles Laurie Lyman-

Those of you who know Kathie Lynch will probably know Laurie Lyman, and vice versa.  Lyman has amazing talent for spotting wolves and getting that data.

She Runs With The Wolves. A tale of devotion from Yellowstone National Park. By Todd Wilkinson.



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  1. Jon Way Avatar

    Well deserved article for a very nice and generous person!

  2. Virginia Avatar

    Laurie is always nearby to help wolf watchers when you visit YNP. She is very friendly and will share her spotting scope with anyone interested. Her Subaru wagon is usually a good one to spot, along with Rick McIntyre’s yellow Pathfinder.

  3. wendy Avatar

    Oh what a nice article. Yay Laurie! 8~)

  4. Steve C Avatar
    Steve C

    Laurie is always very helpful and willing to fill us in on what has been going on in the park. It is nice to see her get some recognition for this!

  5. Craig Hortman Avatar
    Craig Hortman

    Laurie is a great ambassador for The Yellowstone Natioal Park Wolf Project. Her devotion to the wolves and Yellowstone National Park helps new time watchers and veteran watchers attain a new level of understanding of the compex wolf program. We are glad to see her get recognition for all her efforts.

  6. bigbrowntrout Avatar

    thats the kinda stuff that bothers me. People spotting for other peoples cars to find wolves. I. E. the subaru wagon or the yellow this or that. Look for wolves don’t stalk the people. By the way, its not a pathfinder anyway. Great for Laurie

  7. Cindy Avatar

    Hi Bigbrowntrout – Easy does it. When my hectic life finally allows me a few days in my favorite place on earth, the Lamar Valley, I drive in wide eyed for the yellow whatever it is, that Rick drives. Plus he’s always glad to see me.! Laurie has shared her scope with me on more than one occasion so that I could get mine lined up. Does this guarantee a siting? No way! I would love nothing more than to be in Lamar so much people scope out my car so they might be blessed with their own once in a lifetime chance to see a wolf in the wilds of Yellowstone. Then, when they go back home they can share their great and successful experience with all their friends and family. Getting good wolf education from the “wolf watchers” in Lamar, might actually lead to better wolf management policies all over the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


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