Otter makes headlines, but Simpson get things done

This is about Idaho drinking water and also how Idaho’s Representative Simpson is the one who really gets things done-

I thought it was kind of funny because I read it while I was waiting for my new Brita water filter to soak 15 minutes.  They say Brita removes arsenic 😉

Editorial: Otter makes headlines, but Simpson get things done. Magic Valley Times-News. It seems Simpson weakened the arsenic rules for public water systems in towns smaller than 10,000 nationwide.





  1. JW Avatar

    What a guy… Why bother having health standards when we will all die eventually. I guess it is worth it for his constituents to go a little earlier in order to make a point to the Feds. These types of things happen when you have a short term vision (economic) that doesn’t extend beyond your shadow…

  2. Salle Avatar

    It seems that health isn’t a concern for Idaho legislators, especially Governor Butch. Healthcare has always been inaccessible to the majority of residents and then if they get hurt on the job, they are deemed incompetent and discharged from their jobs and lose their coverage, even through the state worker’s comp because they hire idiots who can only see that they have the power to deny people of something. I learned that it is a really bad turn of fortune to either get sick or injured in Idaho and that it’s better to go elsewhere for care. So I turned to homeopathy and naturopathy, it’s less costly and probably healthier, but you need to have your own garden and access to wild plants in their natural environment as well as a lack of junk food addiction.

    As for arsenic, I can see the benefit to someone like Gov. Butch given the long-term physical affects of long-term exposure and consumption, it’s really hard to learn and pay attention when your body is fighting for survival everyday with no relief from the poisoning.

    1. Salle Avatar

      Just an aside but this came out into the public realm this pat week:

      Unclean Water Claims More Lives Than War

      When I was a child in gradeschool, second grade, I recall an article in the Weekly Reader ~ a gradeschool newspaper ~ that the world’s clean water would be gone before the year 2000. I was horrified at the prospect and wondered what could or would be done to change that, then came Stuart Udall… He helped us buy some time but the mission was abandoned for the sake of the almighty dollar somewhere along the span of recent history…

    2. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      It’s a freedom issue, Salle. The Idaho legislature wants us to be health care free, and they are helping more and more of us to get that way except for the well off. Janis was right I guess, “Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose.”

      As more me, slavery ahead. I signed up for Medicare this week. I am so tyrannized!

      I do hope for your sake that homeopathy and naturopathy works.

    3. JB Avatar


      I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your freedom. You’ll have to let me know if “socialized medicine” is as bad as Hannity says.

  3. jimbob Avatar

    Too bad this congressman’s food suppliers can’t have “relief from the burden of regulation”, too—-Let him eat spoiled meat and vegetables, and diseased ones, too. That would provide those companies relief from the “burden” of regulations. If I was from Idaho I’d vote that sucker right out. Whose interest is he protecting?

  4. steve c Avatar
    steve c

    They should make the polluters pay instead of having towns take out millions of dollars in loans to clean their water.

  5. Salle Avatar

    jimbob, steve c and Ralph,

    First, don’t forget that JRStinkpot is the largest land holder and employer in the state so with all that elemental phosphate and all the pollution its processing releases into the air and whatever other poisons they produced win the day in every debate on clean anything be it air water or biosphere. The state officials just look the other way whenever one of their major contributors pollute. When the EPA comes around to tell them to clean up their act, there is a big stink about it and the state officials always put up a show of grand-standing and claim they will “run the EPA out of the state” and so it goes.

    When ever the fed comes up with a social program to relieve the poor from utter devastation at the hands of the state ~ either by refusing to help them or because the draconian statutes of the state are causing them harm ~ state does what it is doing right now, screaming that it is a victim of the fed violating “states’ rights”.

    As for homeopathy/naturopathy, so far so good with the exception of filling my own teeth and grinding my own glasses. My general health is better than most but that probably has to do with the practices that those methods of health care require in order for them to have positive effects. Clean water has a lot to do with it as well as non-chemicalized foods and avoiding personal stress. I think it’s about the best anyone can do. Doesn’t take much money either.


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