Goldfish invade Eastern Oregon trout lake

Lake at the base of Steens Mountain to be poisoned and restocked with trout-

Mann Lake Lahontan cutthroat © Ken Cole
Mann Lake Lahontan cutthroat © Ken Cole

Goldfish invade Eastern Oregon trout lake. Associated Press






  1. Ken Cole Avatar

    Mann Lake was one of my favorite fishing holes because it held some of the nicest Lahontan Cutthroat I have ever seen. I hope this is successful.

  2. Ken Cole Avatar

    By the way, there are no native fish in this lake and the alkalinity probably prevents just about any other trout from being stocked.

  3. Peter Bray Avatar
    Peter Bray

    The wind turbines proposed for the top of Steens Mountain (and on Mann Lake ranch land) should be a nice fit… NOT!


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