Idaho: White Cloud – Boulder Mountains Wilderness bill revised, reintroduced

Another story on the reintroduction of a revised CIEDRA-

Wilderness bill revised, reintroduced. Controversial land transfers near Stanley dropped. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express Staff Writer


We posted an earlier story on this.







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    glad to hear they dropped land sales near Stanley.
    I have some other important news to report. Tonight in Pocatello, at the BLM Pocatello Resource Area a meeting is being held on the proposed Dairy Syncline phosphate mine. A possible land swap that could occur entails Simplot buying out the patented mine claims on Caribou Mountain in the Caribou City Roadless Area in exchange for Forest Service land the Simplot Co. wants near their proposed phosphate mine. The comment period ends May 13. Please go to the website (on this webpage) and see pictures of Caribou Mtn in the Caribou City RA. This is the last best chance of getting those patented mine claims bought out of the Caribou City Roadless Area. comments can be sent to Soda Springs Ranger District-Caribou-Targhee NF ( or the Pocatello BLM Resource Area.

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    The name of the mine proposal is the proposed Dairy Syncline Mine. The email for the BLM is ( To view photos of Caribou Mountain on ( click on stat of Idaho, choose Caribou NF, select Caribou City RA and last select the Pole Creek RA to see the glaciated north slopes of Caribou Mountain.


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