May 25, 2010

  • Dozens of Environmental Groups and Scientists sign letter asking Obama for Ken Salazar’s Resignation. WildEarth Guardians initiated the drive to find signatories to the letter in which a number of conservation groups and scientists have called for the resignation of Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar. Many of the signatories had asked Obama to not appoint…

  • FWP kills bighorn sheep to avoid disease outbreak. Billings Gazette.

  • The privatization of public bison has spurred quite the controversy in Montana The insanity of bison mis-management in and around Yellowstone National Park has prompted the privatization of this iconic wildlife species. Buffalo Roam Into Controversy ~ (Audio) ~ NPR – On Point Bison from the park have been hazed and quarantined for ‘study’ under the…

  • Here is the latest official news on wolves from the State of Montana- There is quite a bit of news on their next hunting season, and I think it is still open for comment. Montana Wolf Weekly-2010-05-21

  • Druid 690F shot by rancher south of Butte- She was sick and beaten up by attacks from other wolves. She was trying for some livestock. Butte, of course, is quite a distance from Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone Park wolf killed near Butte. By Nick Gevock. Montana Standard

  • Here is a presentation on the annual hazing of the last wild and free buffalo. Buffalo Field Campaign – A Buffalo’s Trail Of Tears.

  • George Wuerthner challenges biomass energy. If biomass energy production were fully implemented, it would become the single largest human impact to land in the country, requiring the near full utilization of all the U.S. forests and much of its agricultural lands for fuel production, contributing to what one TNC scientist has termed “energy sprawl.” Biomass…

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