Here is the latest official news on wolves from the State of Montana-

There is quite a bit of news on their next hunting season, and I think it is still open for comment.

Montana Wolf Weekly-2010-05-21

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2 Responses to Montana wolf weekly, May 15-21

  1. Folks should note that there are statewide meetings being held in Montana on June 2 on the hunting season.

    The meeting will be held at the following locations on June 2 from 7-9 p.m.:
    * Billings—FWP Headquarters; 2300 Lake Elmo Dr.
    * Bozeman—Holiday Inn; 5 E. Baxter Lane
    * Glasgow—Valley County Court House; 501 Court Square
    * Great Falls—FWP Headquarters; 4600 Giant Springs Rd.
    * Kalispell—FWP Headquarters; 490 N. Meridian Rd.
    * Miles City—FWP Headquarters; 352 I-94 Business Loop
    * Missoula—Double Tree Hotel Missoula Edgewater; 100 Madison

    • JB says:

      It’s hard to estimate, because of the way the numbers are provided, but if my calculations are correct, WS (or landowners) killed 14 wolves in MT for the reporting period, and FWP has authorized the killing of 3 packs and 9 other individual animals. Assuming packs constitute ~5 wolves (which is conservative), that’s 24 additional removals.

      Question: Is human hunting reducing agency control actions, or is it simply an additional source of wolf mortality?


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