Wyoming gubernatorial candidates praise the energy industry

Role of past Wyoming politicians in corrupting MMS doesn’t phase them-

And it’s bow down before Wyoming’s true rulers. Praise in the Casper Star Tribune. By Dustin Bleizeffer.  They would never hurt Wyoming like they did the Gulf of Mexico.

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Oil companies have spent little on oil spill cleanup technology. Yahoo News. By Phuong Le and John Flesher. Associated Press Writers

Do they mean to say that all those pretty ads in TV about clean, safe oil production were not true?  I’m so shocked. Oh, and Congress did even less.





  1. Cody Coyote Avatar
    Cody Coyote

    If you read this and other CST articles through a different pair of colored glasses, you’ll also note the newspaper is entirely too praiseworthy of the energy industry and more than a little reluctant to watchdog the same. The CST kowtows to energy and minerals just as much as the politicos and for the same reason: it’s where the money is. We never cut the Robber Barons any slack when I worked there….Pre-Lee.

    Casper’s nickname used to be the ” Oil City” , if that helps to let you know where they are coming from. Maybe they need to upgrade their moniker to “Hydrocarbon Heaven” or something.

    I do wish when the CST editors and reporters actually got out of the home office and out of town for some field work , they would go somewhere besides a coal mine or a gas play for the day. Smell the clean air, pick a purple flower, watch the Pronghorn fawns play, get away from the drone of compressors and coal trains…that ain’t music.

  2. Lisa LeBlanc Avatar
    Lisa LeBlanc

    I just finished watching a documentary on HBO called ‘GasLand’.
    Without going into too much detail, the filmmaker interviewed a few families whose ranches have natural gas drills & holding tanks (my guess is someone else owns the mineral rights).
    The company uses a pretty heady cocktail of solvents & such to fracture the bedrock to extract the gas. And it shouldn’t come as any surprise these solvents & natural gas have ended up wafting their way into the aquifers.
    It’s a pretty bleak occurence when yer tap water catches fire.
    A few families have been experiencing severe health issues. One dear older man seemed genuinely offended that the company does not keep their word because these people were raised that your word given means SOMETHING.

  3. Lisa LeBlanc Avatar
    Lisa LeBlanc

    Who, gubernatorialy speaking, represents these families? Because I was raised to believe Citizens, their lives and livliehoods come first, and corporations can await the pleasure of the Taxpayer, not the other way around.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar

      Lisa LeBlanc,

      Current (and I think past) right wing thinking is that business and corporations come first. They are the real people. In fact the Supreme Court just ruled that was the case — corporations have rights like people do (but apparently not the responsibilities).

      Democracy, as we commonly understand it, is not important. It is maybe a hindrance to the making of money.

    2. JEFF E Avatar
      JEFF E

      Big business, and more particularly the “energy industry” has no allegiance to any country and feels no responsibility to anything but big business.


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