Park lifts camping ban forced by bear activity. Casper Star Tribune.
Grizzly bites Casper man near Union Pass. Jackson Hole Daily. This isn’t all that far from the upper Green

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Posted earlier on July 10. Grizzly bears prompt camping closure in popular Upper Green River area

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One Response to Upper Green River grizzly bear closure lifts on July 16

  1. Bryanto says:

    Anyone know how far Grizzlies have expanded south in the winds? I know they have been in the upper green for years,but know of few reports farther south. Lots of sheep and cattle farther south for them to get into trouble with though. Spent a lot of time in the winds,beautiful counrty, and its my understanding that Grizzlies do use tundra quite a bit. My hope is they will expand through out the range and then possibly expand into The Uintas or even Colorado,but I know its likely just wishful thinking. The Uintas have a lot of great country for them,if people would just learn to live with them.


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