We need full funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund

Its monies come from royalties paid by offshore oil and gas producers in federal waters-

The money for land and water acquisition has never been needed so much. The money comes from the oil companies, and they have been paying it for years. The only thing stopping its full authorized expenditure level has been Congress and/or the President who like to see the money just sit idle in the fund to make the federal deficit appear smaller.

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*Jim DiPeso is the Vice President at Republicans for Environmental Protection






    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      Sorry the link didn’t work. I have put up three invalid links in a row. I’ve got to check these more carefully.


  1. Rob Sisson Avatar

    Thanks for posting Jim’s column. Jim does a great job advocating for environmental protection.
    Rob Sisson, President
    Republicans for Environmental Protection

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