Montana’s Plan to Haul Gold on the Chief Joe Highway Riles Wyoming Officials

Giant oil machinery on U.S. Highway 12 not the only such issue in the northern rockies-

Folks will recognize that Cody Coyote has posted a number of comments here about this Montana and by geography, Wyoming, issue. Now there is a full length article.

Montana’s Plan to Haul Gold on the Chief Joe Highway Riles Wyoming Officials. By Dewey Vanderhoff and Rone Tempest, Wyofile, Guest Writer, reproduced in New West.

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Note that this was originally from Wyofile, a web site with perhaps the most excellent news writing in Wyoming.





  1. Virginia Avatar

    We drove by the “reclamation” after camping and hiking in Yellowstone (in the rain) this weekend. It is hard to imagine “our Chief Joseph Highway” being destroyed by these huge trucks. As Dewey recalled the bumper sticker we all remember around here, “Montana will get the mine and Wyoming will get the shaft.” (my quotations denote great sarcasm!) Great article by Dewey and Rone. I am still trying to figure out how the Montana Department of “Environmental Quality” can be involved in a despicable operation like this. Also, I would like for the unnamed source to explain how this project will help Yellowstone Park.


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