Idaho state legislator stole timber from Idaho state lands

Lands are managed to provide revenue for the public schools-

Having a one party state is a problem here. Representative Hart, who took timber, only faces a write-in candidate.

Rep. Hart logged state land for home. Candidate never paid debt for stolen timber. Betsy Z. Russell. The Spokesman-Review






  1. Paul Bego Avatar
    Paul Bego

    it’s sad but hardly shocking….

  2. timz Avatar

    This filthy crook owes nearly $700,000 in back taxes and sits on the legislative tax committee. He belongs in prison. Only in Idaho where some of the local hayseeds see him as a hero.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      I didn’t know this was the same legislator who owes all the back taxes while sitting on the committee that writes Idaho tax laws, but it’s true.

      What scum! Timber stealer and tax cheat, and only a write-in opponent.

      North Idaho lawmaker now owes nearly $1 million in back taxes and penalties. Statesman staff – Idaho Statesman.
      – – – – –

      I just looked up more, he is a tea party hero!

      1. Ken Cole Avatar

        Some of the people who live in Athol live up to the to sound of its name.

  3. timz Avatar

    And his filthy rotten coherts in the legislature let him off the hook when democrats demanded they look into his not paying taxes as a conflict of interest. he claims taxes are unconstitutional. they said after a “hearing” no conflict exists.

  4. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    In Wyoming, on some State sections people have built private homes, with nary a peep of protest from anyone, including and especially the State. Another aspect of Western custom and culture.

    Wonder what would happen if I built a house on State land?


  5. skyrim Avatar

    Guess he couldn’t afford to pay the whole thing. Maybe he could set up a convenient plan of re-payment or get a pay day loan…….


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