$58,000 Reward Offered in another Arizona Wolf Shooting

Biggest reward offered in some time for info on a wolf shooting-

Yet another collared Mexican gray wolf, F521 from the Fox Mountain Pack, found dead in December.

$58,000 Reward Offered in Arizona Wolf Shooting. Arizona Reporter

This reward was first offered in July for the killings of other collared Mexican gray wolves.

Anyone with information in Arizona is encouraged to call USFWS agents in Mesa, AZ at 480-967-7900 or in Alpine, AZ at 928-339-4232.



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  1. Jeff N. Avatar
    Jeff N.

    F521 was 13 years old according to the latest monthly USFWS Mex. Gray Wolf report. She was an old gal.

  2. Mtn Mama Avatar
    Mtn Mama

    Why is Arizona such a breeding ground for haters with guns? Is there no respect for life there?

  3. vickif Avatar

    Mtn Mama,

    Arizona isn’t much different from any other state. They just have been high profile. When it comes to the wolf, it is because of the extreme endangerment of the population.

    Having no respect for life is a world wide epedemic. It is the evolution of nature. Eventually man will create his own demise, we are evolving our selves right out of existence.

    I don’t intend to sound extreme, but man is killing off all ecological hope for the future, sucking away air, inserting pathogens at an alarming rate, depleating our own immunity and creating super viruses, reproducing prolificallyand slaughtering eachother at an alarming rate. The man made curve ball of nullifying the natural order of life, death, and evolutionary change, is more obvious here is the USA, thanks to technology.

    I wish we call be less “human”.


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