Ted Nugent's own TV hunting show nails him for poaching

Some would say this guy had it coming-

What is it with these wolf-hating, deer and elk poachers?

Of course, Nugent is famous.  He’s in another category from most of these poachers.

This news is from August. We had missed it, but no one mentioned it in the long discussion of the subject. Guess that makes it newsworthy still.

Here are some links.  It’s hard to find a neutral one about this aging rocker. I tried to find some which would not automatically roast him.

Poaching Doesn’t Rock: Ted Nugent Caught in Illegal Deer Hunt. Huffington Post. By Wayne Pacelle.
Ted Nugent shoots deer illegally (heres Proof). MuleyMadness Hunting Forum.
Ted Nugent pleads no contest in Northern California poaching case. The Record Searchlight (Redding, CA)
Ted Nugent pleads no contest to poaching. Shooters Forum.
Tell Outdoor Channel Nugent is not Entertainment. Care2 (make a difference)






  1. Brian Ertz Avatar

    jeez … that’s a big percentage of the spokespeople for the anti-wolfers …

  2. PointsWest Avatar

    Let me re-write this with about 10 fewer errors.

    I’ve never liked Ted Nugent. He gives hunting a bad name. Do not hold him up as an example of most hunters because he is not. He was and still is a lunitic. I do believe he likes killing rather than hunting.

    I will add: He likes negative attention. He intentially inflames people’s senses by sounding cruel and inhumane. He did not get into hunting until raging maniac music career began to tank. He has intentially stirred up controversy…for negative attention. Please just ignor him and he will go away to find negative attention somewhere else.

    1. mikarooni Avatar

      He gives hunting a bad name? Are you kidding? He gives music a bad name!

      1. jon Avatar

        His music is probably worse than his hunting skills.

  3. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    Ted Nugent was a guitar prodigy when he was a member of a West Coast psychedelic group called the Amboy Dukes, before he was twenty years old. As his music career lost relevance in the 80’s and 90’s he gave the people the impression he was a survivalist. He’s a canned hunter and people that have hunted with him have called him “completely unethical”. This guy truly enjoys killing…There may be a few brain cells up there that still flicker off an on- he sounds now like a sh^&bagger!

    1. PointsWest Avatar

      He is also a self-described “alpha male.” While I lived in Denver, he was a regular guest on a popular rock-n-roll station there. I can remember him performing a song he wrote about hunting there in the radio station studio. It was a slow melody with an acoustical guitar. He sang of the sunrise, the sounds of the early morning forest, the beauty of nature, and then “crimpson”! …crimpson being a deep red color or the color of blood. I’m sure the intent of this song was to shock and to offend and to bring negative attention to his 7-year-old personality.

  4. Jay Avatar

    “Terrible” Ted is no more a hunter than a guy working at a slaugherhouse: it just takes a bit more time to kill something running around in a larger enclosure.

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I’ve got the impression that most hunters don’t like Nugent.

    It is my impression too that he might be happy to just be a worker in an old fashioned slaughterhouse.

    1. Save bears Avatar

      Ted is no friend to the legitimate hunter and is scorned by the majority of hunters and hunting groups, he is more of a NRA supporter than a hunting personality. He, as many who have public personalities and large egos, has allowed it to get the better of him as he moves farther and farther right in his quest. When I first started bowhunting many years ago, the company that made the first bow I used, offered Ted Nugent models with his signature on them, today they won’t even acknowledge that he was a spokesman for them.

      Him getting popped for poaching has no bearing on the legitimate hunters other than to show, we condemn his behavior just like most others.

      1. william huard Avatar
        william huard

        Save bears
        On thinkprogress.com blog today there is an interesting article about Brownell Inc and their link to the NRA. Apparently Brownell subsidizes the NRA’s lobbying arm. The NRA cares less about gun rights and more about protecting the manufacturers interests to sell these large clips. They defend these 30 bullet clips as standard equipment for individual protection. Geez, they really think the public is stupid. If you need more than ten you shouldn’t own a gun

      2. Save bears Avatar


        This is not a hunting issue…

      3. Save bears Avatar

        One question I will ask of you William, do you own a gun?

      4. Elk275 Avatar


        I doubt whether there is enough revenue in large capacity gun clips to make a difference.

      5. mikarooni Avatar

        Just for the record, Ruger had manufactured/sold high-capacity magazines before the ban. When the ban was legally lifted, Ruger announced that they would voluntarily continue to abide by the ban and not manufacture, license, or sell high-capacity magazines for their weapons and the NRA went ape. After a very malicious campaign in which Ruger was subjected to a boycott, Ruger surrendered, changed its position, and knuckled under to the NRA. The same thing was done to S&W simply because S&W was including child-proof trigger locks with its pistols. This may all be ancient history to some; but, the truth should be known.

      6. william huard Avatar
        william huard

        Save bears
        I know this has nothing to do with hunting. This has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment either. This has to do with a completely illogical argument by the NRA and these manufacturers of these clips that these added bullets give a person more of an advantage- That’s crap.
        To answer your question about gun ownership- I do own a weapon- and i hope I never have to use it. I hope everyone reads the thinkprogress article about the NRA.

    2. Mike Avatar

      Most hunters like Nugent. I wish it was the opposite.

      1. Save bears Avatar

        Please cite your sources for that outlandish claim Mike!

      2. Save bears Avatar

        Opinion is one thing, outright lies are another..

      3. Mike Avatar

        I can only cite my own experience. I have met very few hunters who view Nugent in a negative light.

      4. Save bears Avatar

        Mike and how many hunters would that be?

      5. Elk275 Avatar

        Save Bears

        You should know by now that Jon and Mike and several others on this forum hate hunters; they are not bad people but small thinking people. Those that think small will always think small and create very little.

        The great thing is that within the last 6 years Montana’s hunters and fishers giving support to the State of Montana have been able to acquire 232,000 acres of wildlife management lands for public use which has become a issue of contention in the current Republican control legislator. I would like to see an additional 68,000 acres of new wildlife lands in the next 2 years. They are currently working on a no net gain for Fish, Wildlife and Parks lands. The Republicans bitch when lands are acquired and the local residents bitch when FW&Ps sells or trade any lands. No one is happy.

      6. Save bears Avatar

        Oh Elk, You know that and I know that, I would just like to see them back their comments up with something other than opinion once in a while..

        Now I only ask short one liners, due to the fact I am on a short leash now a days, but yet those that I have correspond with, seem to keep being able to post their long winded rhetoric…hmm

        Back to my corner..

      7. Mike Avatar

        Tonight a “hunter” who was shooting at a coyote near my GF’s horse barn aimed and fired his weapon in the direction of mf GF from 70 yards away (the coyote was between them). The slob didn’t even leave his snowmobile when he took the shot.

      8. dude, the bagman Avatar
        dude, the bagman

        Short one liners – that’s an interesting tactic for someone who is complaining about a lack of substance in other people’s comments.

        It’s pretty convenient to just question people’s assertions and accuse them of lacking substance when you don’t offer any substance yourself. It’s easy to take pot shots. Sounds like the recent Republican party tactic of “no”.

        I offered evidence, even if anecdotal. Do I have empirical evidence to back it up? No, but you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. You just need to read some of the comments on ANY story on wolves to see people advocating poaching.

        Even if I had a peer-reviewed study to back up my assertions, I get the feeling that that wouldn’t be enough for you. Attempting to always deny any minor assertion as insufficiently proven despite ample evidence to the contrary is juvenile. Of course all hunters follow the law, and none of them poach. Of course global warming isn’t happening. Just because most unbiased scientists agree didn’t prove it to me personally. Gravity and evolution are only theories. I know you are, but what am I?

        I don’t hate hunters, just the idiotic ones.

  6. Dude, the bagman Avatar
    Dude, the bagman

    He may not represent ALL hunters, but I do think he represents a sizable minority. Not all licensed hunters are as ethical as the website makes them out to be. Nor are they all poachers or bloodthirsty. That being said, I eat meat and don’t have a problem with people killing for food.

    However, I think Nugent probably accurately represents the thrill-kill coyote hunters and the “smoke a pack a day” crowd. Let’s not pretend that those people aren’t a significant minority.

    1. PointsWest Avatar

      They were never a significant miniority when I hunted in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and early 90’s and I think people are even more ethical in regards to wildlife today than they were 20 years ago.

      Most hunters are small town or country people who have domesticated animals and pets that they have genuine affection for. Most of the thrill killers I knew of were from urban areas and had broad misconceptions of what hunting, wilderness, and wildlife was about. In fact, they were clueless. I heard a first hand story that some Bay Area “hunters” tried to come through the Sand Creek Road check station with a dead mule in the back of their truck. It even had a brand on it. They had not dressed it but had an elk tag fixed to its ear and were headed back to San Francisco to show everyone their Idaho trophey.

      Ten Nugent is from Detroit.

      1. PointsWest Avatar

        …and the only song of Ted Nugents that I like is ‘Hey Baby’ and it was the “hit” song that brought Ted fame. It was also one of the few Nugent songs written and arranged by someone else. Derek Homes wrote this song and after making Nugent famous, Negent treated Homes like crap.

      2. PointsWest Avatar

        That’s Derek St. Homes.

      3. Dude, the bagman Avatar
        Dude, the bagman

        Most hunters are probably more rural and have pets, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a disconnect between their feelings toward their pets and their feelings toward wildlife.

        The people I’m talking about are from rural areas in ID, OR, and MT. I’ve heard lots of stories. Just because you live close to the land doesn’t necessarily mean you respect it. Look at Idaho County.

        I agree that out-of-towners can be especially egregious, but a lot of locals in very rural areas think they can do whatever they want with an area because it belongs to them. Many of them don’t want predators on “their” land, and generally don’t care what the government (or the rest of society) has to say about their behavior on public lands.

      4. Daniel Berg Avatar
        Daniel Berg

        Have you ever been to Detroit Pointswest?

        I love Detroit in a way. I have a lot of family out that way.

        I used to wonder what kind of place could produce personalities like Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. After visiting Detroit and hanging out near or inside the city limits many times, I no longer wonder.

      5. Jay Avatar

        C’mon PW, ever heard of Damn Yankees? Only the greatest ALL STAR rock band ever gathered to make the sweetest Rock N’ Roll to bless our ears!! (since this is the internet, I will point out that I’m being about as sarcastic as I’m capable of)

      6. Ralph Maughan Avatar

        I’d say that kind of hunter you are depends on who taught you to hunt and your choice of partners, although there some cases of good people getting into trouble because they found themselves with a some bad partners.

    2. Save bears Avatar


      Significant Minority?

      1. Dude, the bagman Avatar
        Dude, the bagman

        Yes, significant minority.

        I think it’s a fair assumption that every jacked up pickup with an anti-wolf bumper sticker probably doesn’t have much respect for hunting regulations or the inherent or ecological value of wildlife. And I know not everyone who harbors that point of view decides to advertise it.

        Even some people I know who hunt (and are fairly ethical as far as being fair and killing cleanly) bend the rules. This year alone, I’ve heard a stories about people I know hunting with a tag in the wrong unit, or shooting an animal with someone else’s tag. Anecdotal, yes, but these guys are far from the worst of the worst (not that I condone their behavior).

        I’ve even heard from someone credible who heard an acquaintance bragging in a bar about how he shot a coyote in NW MT and “sweetened” it.

        People bend the rules when there’s an incentive and they probably won’t get caught doing so. I’m not saying YOU guys are unethical, but I think we all know plenty of people who bend/break the rules.

        And then you look at some of these anti-wolf hunting websites…

        Of course now hunters will distance themselves from Nugent. People will often admire some public figure’s extremist rhetoric until that public figure is caught with his hand (or something else) in the cookie jar.

        Don’t get bent out of shape. I don’t think all hunters are the enemy of conservation. I just don’t think they are ALL as noble and law-abiding as some would represent them to be. There’s a lot of wink-wink nudge-nudge until they are caught and condemned.

      2. Save bears Avatar

        Bent out of shape?

      3. Dude, the bagman Avatar
        Dude, the bagman

        Save bears,

        Rhetorical question? Few words?

        Just being cautious. Talking about certain segments of a group can offend other members of the larger group, especially when that group feels persecuted. I’m trying NOT to negatively stereotype hunters, but noting that stereotypes run the other direction as well. Not every hunter is a yahoo, but not every hunter is squeaky clean and ethical just because he buys a tag.

        Not every hunter’s unethical behavior is televised. More people might not like mountain lion hunting if they saw some get shot out of the tree they were chased up on TV. Would the larger hunting community then divorce their PR image from cat hunting if it became socially/politically unpopular? Once it becomes unpopular is it no longer officially “hunting?”

        The Nuge may not represent the majority of actual hunters, but just because he’s bad for PR doesn’t make him an aberration. After all, the guy does have a TV show. Presumably a fair number of people have been watching it and cheering him on.

  7. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Ted Nugent has some foul history
    and that is just scratching the surface.

    1. Daniel Berg Avatar
      Daniel Berg

      Apparently there is more than that. I haven’t verified the information in this:


      1. JEFF E Avatar
        JEFF E

        I have it on good authority(the mother) that one of Ted’s children grew up in Idaho Falls.

      2. mikarooni Avatar

        Nobody actually grows up In Idaho Falls; they just advance in age and eventually get to vote.

  8. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    ELK 275
    Your point about revenue is not really the point. The issue is saving lives. The NRA uses these situations to claim that the 2nd amendment is under attack which we all know is not the case. The NRA did it in PA when they blocked the leg to ban pigeon shoots. The PA legislature was ready to put through the ban when the NRA said that it wasn’t about pigeon shoots it was about banning all hunting! See the pattern- everything is about the gov taking your guns or taking away your freedom to slob shoot- IRRESPONSIBLE

    1. wolf moderate Avatar
      wolf moderate

      If the liberals ban 30 bullet clips the nuts that want to inflict carnage will just use other methods. Prohibition didn’t work, making gambling illegal doesn’t work and gun bans (ammo etc..) doesn’t work.

      These people will use other methods. Use car bombs, chemical weapons, sniper rifles etc.. It seems silly to overreact because some loon does something stupid.

      You can’t ban stupidity and mental illness (unfortunately)!

  9. Mike Avatar

    Nugent’s “outdoor style” is IMHO responsible for the “dumbing down” of the outdoor community.

    What a joke, but not at all surprising.


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