Mexican wolf population finally increases a bit

Grows from 42 to 50 in the year 2010-

Finally there’s a little bit of good news about Mexican wolves. After the population stagnated well below the recovery figure of 100 wolves, I has declined in recent years.  In 2010, on the strength of wild born pups and a halt on government killing for livestock depredations, it grew by 8.  The wolves were about equally distributed between Arizona and New Mexico.

Illegal shootings were the leading cause of death.

Federal biologists count 50 Mexican wolves in wild. Associated Press





  1. Jim Carrier Avatar
    Jim Carrier

    It would be great if folks could thank the USFWS for continuing their progress towards mexican wolf recovery. See for details on what you can do to help continue to increase their numbers.

  2. BC Avatar

    That is great news. If you love wild country and haven’t been to the Gila, do yourself a favor and get down there. Pure heaven…

  3. Christopher Harbin Avatar
    Christopher Harbin

    I’m sorry but I really can’t see “thanking” USF&WS for their continuing progress towards Mexican Wolf Recovery. it seems to me that they have done a lot more to make sure that it never gets off the ground. I’m sure there are people that have been and that are presently associated with USF&WS Mexican Wolf Project that deserve accolades. A good example is David Parsons.
    They don’t catch and prosecute the people who are shooting the wolves and are probably aiding and abetting them by giving out radio collar frequencies. They have also rolled over to the demands and actions of the public lands abusers. USF&WS has a lot of Mexican Wolf blood on there hands.

  4. Christopher Harbin Avatar
    Christopher Harbin

    “USF&WS has a lot of Mexican Wolf blood on there hands.” Sorry, should be their note there. Darn spell check can’t determine intent!!

  5. Christopher Harbin Avatar
    Christopher Harbin

    I am having trouble with motor control today I guess.


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