LTE: Megaload transportation benefits Asian workforce

My question: Isn’t that the true plan?

For the Butch Otters, Mike Crapos, and Jim Risches of the world, Idaho is just a place to get the elected.  They don’t really see their job as representing the people in their geographic constituency.  They are simply a problem for manipulation every couple of years.  Meanwhile bring their pay down to Asian standards or hire Asian workers. That’s what the international corporations and Wall Street billionaires want.

The author to this LTE has this at least partially figured out as he discusses the megaloads.

Megaload transportation benefits Asian workforce. By Bill Chisholm. Buhl, Idaho. Times-News.





  1. IDhiker Avatar

    That’s for sure. If the oil companies were really looking out for Americans and Canadians, they would have built the megaload equipment here in North America.

    The “big bucks” went to Asia, while we get the peanuts. And, we should be glad about the “big” boost to the local economy according to the politicians. Hey, we sold the drivers some cigarettes, blueberry pancakes, and hotel rooms.

  2. Elk275 Avatar

    I could not agree more.

  3. Larry Thorngren Avatar

    Our wonderful Idaho legislature is considering a bill today that prohibits the IDFG from enforcing any regulations regulating offroad ATV use on public lands.
    They are also looking to lower teachers salaries and to outsource Idaho public education to West Virginia through private company contracts for required internet classes for all Idaho students.
    The permits for the Asian manufactured mega- loads to travel on the Clearwater and Lochsa scenic highway are just part of their overall agenda.
    Unless we stop this assault on our jobs, our public institutions, and our environment, we are doomed to an Asian standard of living.
    The trickle down economy that our Idaho leaders promote has the distinct color and flavor of urine.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar

      I’ve written time after time that Idaho has a feudal political structure. I really mean it.

      There are certain lords, earls, princes and barons (using modern names of course). The rest of us are regarded as peasants. The news media hasn’t picked up on this, and the explanation of what would happen to any media if they did do so, is obvious.

  4. timz Avatar

    Idaho has it coming IMHO. They blindly put these people in office election after election. And they won’t even notice or care until it’s too late.


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