…..and do it with a boatload of arrogance

John Brenden R-MT

Not surprisingly, the Montana Senate voted on a bill that would keep Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks from relocating bison anywhere in the state except for the National Bison Range in northwest Montana for the next two years. The Montana House has yet to pass any similar bill but there are many being considered.

Governor Brian Schwietzer has promised to veto any bills of this nature.

Senator Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, D-Crow Agency summed up what could result from this action.

“If the attack on buffalo continues, they will be listed as an endangered species. I don’t think you want to do that.”

To rub it all in with a strong note of arrogance, Sen. John Brenden sang a couple of bars of “Home on the Range” to the protests of Democrats.

If anyone thinks that western states aren’t run by the landed nobility you might want to think again.

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Update. Ralph Maughan on the teabagging Republican Brenden. Brenden Farms got almost $500,000 in farm subsidy payments from 1995-2009. That is about $34,000 a year.

Over 15 years that would be an average of $33,152/Year.  Some might call this federal government hater a hypocrite, and a mean one at that.

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12 Responses to Lawmakers vote to keep wild bison off Montana land

  1. Daniel Berg says:

    That head-shot really is fitting of this article.

  2. john philip says:

    I’m not sure what to say about this, other than to say, “amen Daniel,” and Christ, I’m glad I didn’t hear the serenade.

  3. petticoat rebellion says:

    What in the hellfire is going on in Mon-tucky???!! I am absolutely appalled by the shear arrogance of this state senator!!! Add to this the vote by the Montana State Senate to adopt the “Code of the West” this week, which contains some anti-Native American tenets.

    AND…Did anyone notice the comment regarding HB 482 posted below this Bozeman Chronicle article by BingBataBoom:

    “It was the freshman Republican class on the committee that again embarrassed themselves with this vote, including a nasty comment by Representative Kennedy that called Native Americans savages in skins and loincloths without cellphones. Rep. Wilmer promptly reprimanded him before he could do anymore damage.”

    This is soooo blatantly racist and beyond offensive!! Does anyone know if this is true? Is there a transcipt of this hearing? How does someone like this get elected?

    All of this just confirms my theory that the far-right republican movement against bison restoration is driven, in part, by racism against Native Americans.

    Guess what Rep. Kennedy and Sen. Brenden! We’ve got cell phones and we know how to use them to call the offices of our elected representatives! And, while we no longer wear loincloths, you all obviously haven’t shed your caveman furs and wooden clubs.

    • mikarooni says:

      I knew there was a reason I liked you.

      • petticoat rebellion says:

        Thanks Mikarooni! While bison might remain ecologically extinct from the State of Montana…there’s definitely no shortage of “crazy” in there. 😀

    • Jerry Black says:

      petticoat…..yes, transcripts are available. contact:
      Helena Civic Television
      1015 Poplar St
      Helena, Mt 59601

  4. petticoat rebellion says:

    And let them keep passing all of these anti-bison laws…they’re just making it easier to get them listed…loss of habitat and lack of regulatory mechanisms for their protection.

  5. Jerry Black says:

    I do believe we’ll see a citizens initiative on the ballot in 2012 dealing with the bison issue and it will be a slam dunk.

    • Elk275 says:

      What type of citizens initiative do you propose to put on the ballot. I doubt that it will be a slam dunk.

  6. Readers might be interested in the update I just added to the story. It is about how much tea party John Brenden R gets from the federal government as a member of the landed nobility of Montana.

  7. william huard says:

    Anyone that wants to tell the hypocrite senator what you think his email address is
    I just did

  8. william huard says:

    The more I look at brenden’s photo he looks like a buffalo. I want to be clear- and not insult bison- even bison are not that ugly


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