Tim DeChristopher Goes on Trial for Disrupting Oil Lease Auction

DeChristopher may get 10 years for unconventional method of protecting Utah’s beautiful canyonlands from oi companies-

We have had many stories on this, but not for quite a while. Tim DeChristopher could be punished far more than the Wall Street investment bankers who stole billions. He bid against oil speculators at a Department of Interior (BLM) oil and gas lease auction in 2008. He had no money, however.

Trial of eco-activist who punk’d BLM begins. Greenspace in the New York Times.

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Note. He was quickly convicted. Webmaster.




  1. Virginia Avatar

    Sounds like the fix is on with this judge. I wanted to make an inflammatory remark about judges ruling on the defendant’s plea of the necessity of an action (Scott Roeder), but decided against it.

  2. JimT Avatar

    Just goes to show once more the power of the entrenched corporate and industrial interests in the West–oil and gas in this case. I agree, Ralph, 100%….Wall Street skates again..and again…and…

  3. skyrim Avatar

    Found guilty. I hope they go easy on him in sentencing. I admire the kid and hope there is a generation just like him ready to get busy.


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