Natural gas drilling proposal in Wyoming Range gets 40,000 comments!!

Wyoming folks love the Wyoming Range and fear fracking-

An unprecedented number of comments came in on the Plains Exploration & Production Co.’s (PXP) plan for up to 136 gas wells south of Bondurant near Noble Basin. Most of the Wyoming and adjacent Salt River Range has been withdrawn from oil and gas leasing/drilling by act of Congress, but the PXP leases slipped through before the leasing was shut down by the Wyoming Range Legacy Act.

My experience in the Noble Basin and adjacent area is of some of the finest elk and moose country in Wyoming.  A domestic sheep beleagered bighorn sheep herd is nearby. The huge number of comments seem to have strengthened the views of new Wyoming governor Matt Mead on the subject of drilling, after maybe fracking the area.

Wyoming Range drilling project garners 40,000 comments. By Environment & Energy Daily in WyoFile.


  1. Wyo Native Avatar
    Wyo Native

    Hopefully the Forest Service will make the correct decision and protect the Wyoming Range. The Wyoming Range offers the best hunting opportunities in Wyoming for, Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, and Mountain Lion, as well as some remarkable fishing.

    On a side note, Wyofile should do a little fact checking on the pictures they use for their articles. That is not Wyoming Peak in that picture. Wyoming Peak can not be seen from Middle Piney lake. The peak in the picture is a non named peak that sits south of the actual Wyoming Peak. Not surprised however, very few people rally know what is what when it comes to the Wyoming Range.

    1. mikarooni Avatar

      So, do you think there are other reasons besides “the best hunting opportunities… as well as some remarkable fishing” to protect this area? Would you work to protect the area if there was no hunting or fishing?

      1. Wyo Native Avatar
        Wyo Native

        Would you work to protect the area if the only motive were to improve habitat for wildlife that enhances overall hunting and fishing opportunities?

        I spend far more time in the Wyoming Range doing non-hunting and non-fishing activities, than I do hunting or fishing.

    2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

      Wyo Native,

      Just want to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the Wyoming Range. The Wyoming Range, the Salt Rivers and Commissary Ridge has been a secret of sorts, especially to those not from Wyoming, yet people from many backgrounds in Wyoming have united to keep the gas wells, plants and pipelines out of it.

      My first wife was from Cokeville, WY. So my introduction was Lake Alice and the great fishing there.

      Regarding that photo. Those kind of mistakes are a pet peeve of mine — mislabeling landmarks and printing/posting photos without explaining why the photo is important.


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