Clashing sheep cultures in Idaho

Domestic sheep versus bighorn sheep and cultural traditions-

Nice to have an article about Idaho’s tiny, but powerful sheep culture (and those who have cultural ties to bighorn).

These domestic sheep guys are Governor Clement Otter’s pals. I’d like to see an article about the planned demise of Idaho’s educational culture at the hands of these land barons and their ilk.

Clashing sheep cultures in Idaho. As bighorn sheep numbers dwindle, efforts to keep them away from domestic sheep and disease are forcing a cost in the sheep industry — and could grow. By Rocky Barker.  Idaho Statesman.



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  1. Ken Cole Avatar

    Interesting how Shirts was offered money to sell out before this got so far along. I’ve been told it was a pretty healthy sum too.

  2. Tom Page Avatar
    Tom Page

    There’s only one active sheep permit left in the Pahsimeroi Valley. All the ones on the Lost River side of the river were leased out and converted to cattle by FNAWS. The sheep in the Lost River Mountains have been going gangbusters in the last few years. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    Incidentally, one poster on the Statesman claims that bighorns lived in harmony with domestics until recently. Not true. Read the historic accounts from the 1890’s. As soon as the domestics came, the bighorns died en masse and never recovered.


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