Megaloads tread on Idaho values

A good op ed from Idaho Rivers United-

Megaloads tread on Idaho values. By Kevin Lewis. Idaho Mountain Express.





  1. adam gall Avatar
    adam gall

    Ralph, I’ve heard some rumors that Exxon is possibly looking at rerouting to I-90 (as briefly mentioned in this op ed) after some of the logistical issues encountered this winter on 12. Can you shed any light on that? Or have you heard anything validating those rumors?
    Thank you.

  2. Savebears Avatar


    They are downsizing some of the loads so they can be transported on regular interstate highways.

  3. Doryfun Avatar

    Idaho Rep. Dick Harwood’s bill (HB 193) imposing huge bonding requirements on anyone suing to block a megaload from traveling on highways in Idaho passed the Idaho House today on a 53-16 vote. All 13 of the House’s Democrats and 3 Republicans — Reps. Tom Trail of Moscow, Leon Smith of Twin Falls, who is House Transportation chair, and Lynn Luker of Boise — voted against the bill.

    Whoppers in the house… March 21, 2011, 4:51 p.m.

    Full story…

    “Some people know what they’re talking about.
    Some people know some of what they’re talking about.
    And then there’s Idaho’s Representative Dick Harwood.”


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