Wildlife Service’s aerial predator control is grounded

At least in South Dakota. Hopefully more generally-

With all the budget problems, finally here is a good one — USDA Wildlife Services is running out of funding for aerial predator control.

Aerial predator control is grounded. AP






  1. jon Avatar

    Ralph, very good news. Maybe this will happen in idaho, montana, etc in the near future.

    1. Salle Avatar

      With the high cost of operations like they do out west, one would think that the “going broke” and “broke” states would do as SD has and bails on funding these callous cads. At least SD figured out what a rip-off WS has been for them. Apparently WS has been holding the state hostage and insisted on a blank check from the state with no oversight or accountability. Other financially strapped states should have the cojones to do the same and chop this tax-dollar heist off at the source.

  2. WM Avatar

    Isn’t this very short article really only about the Continuing Resolution that just keeps the government – all of it- running until April 8? Or does the budget cutting proposals suggested by some have a possibility of cutting back USDA service functions like WS?

    I haven’t heard anything since the topic was last discussed here a couple weeks back.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar


      This is the short term CR. A lot of agencies are feeling stress because the budget changes from week and week Some vital program might collapse due to uncertainly.

      In a bad situation, I’d be happy to see a bad one go down too.

      1. Paul White Avatar
        Paul White

        beats having only the good ones go down at least.
        I’m scared shitless about my job seeing as it’s largely grant funded, through CDBG and a mix of other HHSC fund.


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