Buffalo Field Campaign: On-the-ground activism

Here are a couple of articles about the Buffalo Field Campaign and how they, and other groups are funded.  Contrary to popular belief BFC’s top paid people don’t make much money (trust me, I know this because I am on their Board of Directors).  BFC is also very efficient with its money and has very resourceful people working to maintain and improve its cars and property.  Most of its funds are spent on keeping people out in the field to document what happens to the buffalo and educating visitors to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park during the summer months.

Buffalo Field Campaign: On-the-ground activism.
By CARLY FLANDRO, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

The Donor Dance: How green groups stay funded.
By CARLY FLANDRO, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer






  1. Virginia Avatar

    Now I know why Ted Turner was allowed to get those buffalo. But, of course it wasn’t because he donates $100,000 per year to GYC.

  2. ConnieJ Avatar

    I admire and appreciate the work the BFC does. Without their involvement, the plight of Yellowstone bison would not be known to many.

  3. Jim Macdonald Avatar

    They ran a correction on the one really objectionable part of the article.

    I’m not particularly happy with how I look on video, though!

    1. Ken Cole Avatar

      I see they took the “gut throwing” comment out. That was a different group entirely back in the early days of the controversy.


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