It Passed 64-5

Sometimes you have to wonder…….
It doesn’t seem like a good move by those who want wolves to be delisted to me.

House presses on with wolf disaster declaration.
Associated Press

Update: According to sources in the legislature, I’m guessing that this will likely pass the Senate and be signed by the Governor. How this will affect negotiations in the US Senate over the rider to delist wolves, which is attached to the Continuing Resolution, is yet to be determined.

Idaho House declares wolves a disaster emergency.
By Laura Zuckerman – Reuters

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27 Responses to Idaho House passes wolf disaster declaration

  1. jon says:

    I agree, doesn’t seem like a good move to me either, but didn’t some want to declare a state of emergency before, but Otter said no because he preferred wolves being delisted. If Otter is smart, he will say no to this and go for delisting instead. I think he knows delisting is coming probably sooner rather than later. Just one man’s opinion.

  2. william huard says:

    The real disaster here is these yahoos in Idaho who continue to embarrass themselves for all the world to see. It is pathetic. Sounds like the perfect political climate to turn management over to the states…..I wonder if Rancher Ken realizes this

    • WM says:

      Amazing and disappointing, though not unexpected. I cannot imagine Butch not following suit.

  3. william huard says:

    Maybe there is something in the water….

  4. Steve C says:


  5. Brian Ertz says:

    a fool is a fool … that’s one thing … the real crime is those who bury their heads in the sand and toss the fate of wildlife – including wolves – to these fools, for whatever reason.

    Unfortunately – the list of folk willing to do that includes Obama, Salazar, DoW, CBD, GYC, etc. etc. etc.

  6. Daniel Berg says:

    Even after having a decent amount of exposure to rural politics, I still find a 65-5 yes vote on a bill like this shocking.
    I don’t think I could even handle reading the thing again without a healthy swig of Pendleton beforehand.

    I wonder if some of them voted yes because they have no expectation of implementation and they wanted to try and score some political points?

  7. timz says:

    Otter has rejected this “disaster” idea before, albeit in a different format but a big margin in the senate could over-ride a veto.

  8. Mtn Mama says:

    Good Lord~ a disaster it is! Is Little Red Riding Hood the only literature these folks read? Absolutely ridiculous and a huge waste of time.

    • william huard says:

      I wouldn’t trust these people to manage a lemonade stand. And they can be trusted to manage wolves? The hatred these people have for predators is NOT NORMAL.

      • jon says:

        The people who have these irrational fears of wolves are not normal. They act as if wolves are the most dangerous things in the world. Like that one woman said, wolves are bloodthirsty monsters who kill just for sport. These people don’t want to see the truth.

  9. Jon Way says:

    he mother of a 2-year-old has never seen one of the wolves that roam the mountains here, but when local talk turns to the big predators, residents are unified, she said. “Everyone wants to have them all gone,” Bowen said.

    Yet their chances of dying from a vehicle-ungulate collision are astronomically larger…. Rational people for sure….

    • Mtn Mama says:

      Here continues the cycle of stupidity and hate, now her 2 year old will be the next generation of wolf killers. My 2 year old on the other hand sleeps with a stuffed wolf and howls…. and she has seen wolves in the wild.

      • william huard says:

        You are right- we are products of our environment- when the culture is so depraved these kids don’t have a chance

  10. Jon Way says:

    I meant to add above… This is probably the best thing that could happen to the groups that didn’t settle in the lawsuit and could re-sue (?) the fed gov’t that states shouldn’t manage their “Canadian” wolves.

  11. timz says:

    Not related to wolves but proof these people are really nuts and every person in Idaho should be worried with this madness going on.

    “comparing the law to Nazi Germany and saying it would allow the federal government to “take our children.”

    I guess if the wolves don’t get your children the federal government will.

  12. Barbara L. Tunick says:

    For those of us who treasure and respect wildlife,for those who have a deep reverence for the animals such as wolves, who roamed the earth before us and who help keep our ecosystem in balance, it has become increasingly difficult to understand the ignorance, hatred and depravity of those who want to destroy such creatures. Studies have shown over and over again that a wolf is not the “big, mean, old wolf” preying upon children and killing off livestock.. Why is it so hard to live and let live? Why is is that man is truly the predator for all to fear?

    • Mooseboy says:

      I agree with your 100%, it is almost disgusting that so many still be believe in these century old wolf lies(the sad thing is the majority of these are elected officials). The next thing we will see is a state of emergency on toads, because some nutjob in governemt will believe they can still give your warts.

  13. Savebears says:

    This has nothing to do with the wolf being bad or good, it is simply a political problem, the wolf just happens to be the poster child for much bigger problems in this country, when people realize that, then perhaps things will change or at least progress…

  14. ProWolf in WY says:

    So we have the homeless, the starving, the uninsured and a bunch of people are concerned about wolves?

    “Lawmakers behind the effort describe wolves as bloodthirsty monsters that would attack children.”

    Nothing loses a point quicker than crazy talk. It is a proven fact that wolves only attack children in red hoods, and that is only to get the cookies in the basket.

    Such a relief to see some people agree with me.


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