Yellowstone’s east gate opens. Southern on Friday

There is a lot of deep snow-

The west entrance has been open for some time, but the East Entrance opened May 6 to five feet of snow. The southern gate of the Park from Jackson Hole and the Tetons will open May 13. There is deep snow here too, especially at Lewis River Divide.

The penned bison at the north boundary have been released. Hopefully they will go into the Park where grass is greening in the small lower elevation portion near the Yellowstone and Gardner Rivers.




  1. Jon Way Avatar

    I thought the bison now had 75,000 acres to the north for times like this?

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar

      Jon Way,

      I think they only have until May 1 (not sure). In addition the Park County commissioners, who sound like they are fully in bed with anti-bison people are suing and raising a ruckus.

      Park County Commissioners want bison reined in.

      1. Jon Way Avatar

        Thanks Ralph. I figured there were strings attached… Glad they have their priorities straight given the amount of tourist money they rake in with visitors coming to Yellowstone…

  2. Nancy Avatar

    +Bison should be allowed to come into the state just like elk and grizzly bears and anything else,” said Glenn Hockett with the Gallatin Wildlife Association. Let’s fence out where there are problems, create a corridor where bison can get through and get them to a winter range++

    Ralph – for those of us that can’t quite grasp the areas, migration routes, etc. in dispute, is there anyway you, Ken or Brian can put up a map?
    Be interesting to know how much of that historic range is now or has been, developed or “ranched off” preventing those “thousands :)” of bison from doing what they’ve been doing for eons.

    In the last couple of weeks, I’ve watched a couple hundred head of elk, in large and small groups, move back into my area ( like they’ve been doing since I moved here close to 20 years ago)

    I’d be willing to guess their “corridor” of downed fencelines back to summer pasture here is easy each year, because the ranchers in the area, aren’t gonna waste time or energy on repairing fences in the winter when the elk exit the area come fall.


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