Niemeyer’s “Wolfer” wins prestigious book award

Carter Niemeyer’s memoir, Wolfer, has won the 2011 IPPY (Independent Publishers Book Awards) gold medal for regional nonfiction.

Since its release, I have run into quite a few folks who have read it. All of those I met commented on its evenhandedness. Many said their eyes were opened about the pressure that is applied to pin a “killed by a predator” report,  especially by a wolf, on a rancher’s dead livestock.



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  1. Linda Hunter Avatar

    For years every time I read a report of a wolf or bear taking domestic animals I wondered how they actually could tell that because after having been in the field with a few people who should know, their tracking skills appear to be limited. This book confirmed what I thought, that there are only a few ways to know for sure. I was very pleased with this book as it is real, and not patterned after what some editor or entertainment market wanted. I hope this book is widely read as the information in it will help us all.

    1. Daniel Berg Avatar
      Daniel Berg

      I don’t think it has been as widely read as it should be.

      I watched Carter give a presentation in Olympia, WA a few months ago. He stated that he’s glad he wrote the book, but insinuated that it would probably take a while to recoup the investment.

      In my opinion, a large number of the potential readers of this book still don’t know it exists.

      1. Ralph Maughan Avatar

        Folks who would like to see it more widely read could use the social media, and also mention it when you are posting comments in various on-line forums.

      2. JimT Avatar

        An interview in HCN would help; most people I know get it or read it online…

      3. jon Avatar

        Carter to me is the spokesman for wild wolves. He should be doing many more interviews and should be getting press coverage since the wolf controversy is a big issue and there is a ton of misinformation out there about wolves. Im sure his book will win quite a few more awards as it’s a very well written book.

  2. Jeff Avatar

    Really enjoyed the read over spring break. I too am suspious of reports—always wondering who decided what and for whom.

  3. Cody Coyote Avatar
    Cody Coyote

    The Wyoming state library system has in its entirety only one copy of this book, at the Johnson COunty library in Buffalo. And it is not available for Interlibrary Loan , for some r eason . Hopefully a long waiting list in Johnson County, which is one place in Wyoming this book defintely needs to be read, and widely.

    I would encourage readers of this blog to buy a copy , read it, make some notes, then donate the hard copy to your own local library if you happen to live in a wolf state.

    I intend to do just that.

    1. Daniel Berg Avatar
      Daniel Berg

      Will they just place a book you donate, or does it have to go through some sort of cumbersome review process first?

  4. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    I mentioned this on another thread, but one of my students asked me what I had been reading earlier in the year, and I brought up “Wolfer”. I talked about it a bit, and in the past weeks I had four students tell me they got the book. Two of them said they could not put the book down once they started reading.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      I also couldn’t put Wolfer down. Carter did a fine job of sharing his life and sharing the facts about wolves and the controversy surrounding their reintroduction.

      1. Rebecca Edwards Avatar
        Rebecca Edwards

        They are not to smart and the only reason they are so concern because that cow is just money to them like everything else, but just wait when the wolf is taken out of the picture completely in Idaho the hole ecosystem will collapse and they will have so many diseases go ramped because there are no predators to control any pest that will carry diseases. Pesticides won’t do it either we all know what happens with that one. Plus tape worn usually comes from domestic stock as in cows I feel sorry for the poor cows as well because it’s not their fault that the dumb rancher decided too depend on them for their monthly pay check. Cows should not be depended on for a person’s lively hood, there should be something in between so we are not totally dependent on the live stock. It has gone to far, I think cows are cute but when it comes down to it ,I would totally stop eating beef just so we can keep all of our wolves. To me they are more important and it would break my heart to think they could be push to extinction. Life would not be the same without them

  5. jon Avatar

    Someone sent me a link to one of those anti-wolf fb books and some wolf hater claims that there are 3 people confirmed with e. granulosis in Idaho. I see they are getting desperate and using any tactic they can to get wolves out of Idaho. I’d love to see them prove without a shadow of a doubt they got the tapeworm from wolves. These same people also claim the tapeworm was never in Idaho when it indeed was. The desperate will do anything they can to until they get to their ultimate goal and that is wiping wolves out in idaho.

  6. jon Avatar

    fb pages*

  7. Salle Avatar

    Congrats to Carter! It only took six months for recognition to start taking place, not bad for a self-published book.

  8. Rebecca Edwards Avatar
    Rebecca Edwards

    to me the wolf deserve more rights then those cows

  9. Leslie Avatar

    I loved the book and couldn’t put it down. But had to get it online. The library in Cody doesn’t have it nor the local progressive bookstore. Gotta get it out there more. Wish Carter would give some signings around these parts.

  10. Jdubya Avatar

    Just finished Wolfer and I have to agree with the praise that this book has garnered. I have to admit as he is gunning down Alabaster a choke came up my throat. Very even handed book. He obviously lived between a rock and a hard spot, but he gives the reader the impression he enjoyed it. What kind of a retirement would you do after a life like that??? If I had the $$ I would send a copy to each of our witless legislators.


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