Grand Teton Park’s grizzly bear 610 has her first cubs-

Daughter of famous griz is a mom now, too: Grand Teton wildlife watchers thrilled by new generation. Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Cory Hatch

Here is a feel good story, and the old gal, gb399, is still around! For years 399 and her three cubs thrilled photographers. Now one of them has cubs of her own.

The other two off-spring of 399 have not fared so well. We posted this story back in late 2009. Controversial Grizzly Bear Death A Family Tragedy.

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11 Responses to Friends of bears smile as 399’s daughter shows up with two cubs

  1. Connie says:

    We saw 610 on May 24th and she was anything but comfortable with the roadside crowd. For the first time, I saw a grizzly huff and puff and curl her lips as she anxiously sent her cubs up a tree. Guess new moms are very protective.

    • Ralph Maughan says:

      Thanks, Connie. I’ll bet the Park Rangers will have their hands full.

      Hope the Tea Party hasn’t left them short-staffed.

  2. skyrim says:

    More exciting is the fact that many are reporting that 399 herself is on seen sporting triplets once again.
    It has not been verified to my satisfaction yet but it may be so…………

  3. Jeff says:

    I heard the same thing about 399 and triplets—needs to be confirmed, but encouraging news.

  4. Here they are 610 and 2 cubs-
    I have been getting great views of her for the last few weeks, what a great bear. She has been very patient with crowds from what I have seen. We even got to watch her climb a good 80 ft up a tree after the cubs the other day!
    Here are the cubs:

    399 does indeed have triplet COY as well! Not my video but see them here shot June 5th:

  5. Phil says:

    I would imagine her stress level would be high having cubs for the first time and a crowd of people observing them. Great news for 610, and more of 399’s legacy is passing along.

  6. Jeff says:

    An article about 399’s second batch of triplets

  7. Anthony Iacobetti says:

    i seen 610 and 2 cubs in willows flat on6/12/2011. She just took down a elk calf


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