Pronghorn arrive late [in Jackson Hole]. New moms may be lagging

This year of no spring delayed migration from Wyoming’s high desert for weeks-

The famed Jackson Hole pronghorn herd which winters in the high desert 150 miles to the south has been beleaguered by natural gas development and subdivsions. In recent years, Wyoming Game and Fish and numerous other interests have worked to keep millenia-old migration route open despite human impacts.

This year deep snow delayed the migration (an epic migration that goes back at least 6000 years) to the latest date on record, June 10. Pronghorn numbers are down by a third and an unknown number of fawns might have perished.

The Jackson Hole News and Guide has a detailed story. Pronghorn arrive late, new moms may be lagging. Biologists wonder what delayed migration could mean for fawns. By Cory Hatch.





  1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
    Ralph Maughan

    An important question is this, because the migration is knowledge passed from generation to generation, will pronghorn that decided not to cross the wintry divide into Jackson Hole, now summer to the south and their fawn fail to learn the migration route?

    1. Elk275 Avatar

      There is a very good article in the Billings Gazette today on pronghorn migration between Southern Alberta and Central Montana. I did not know that antelope migrated in some years over 300 miles. It is a bummer that there swimming ability is so limited.

      1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
        Ralph Maughan


        This is a wonderful article! Very interesting.

        I didn’t know about the 300 mile migration either.

        I’m sorry there has not been more interest about the Eastern Montana pronghorn. I’ve put up several posts about the effect of the winter on them and other wildlife, but with little reader interest.


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