Federal public lands the source of huge recreation wealth in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial wonders why Utah congressionals so negative except for drilling and mining-

Opinion of the Salt Lake Tribune. Recreation Wealth. July 4, 2011.  DOI report says Utah benefits economically more from recreation on Department of Interior lands than any other state.

This article is based on the same data as our earlier story, Not even close . . . jobs from recreation on public lands versus jobs from public land ranching. June 24, 2011.

The Tribune is puzzled why “If you listen only to those pushing an anti-federal-government agenda — such as Congressman Rob Bishop or state Rep. Howard Noel — you might be convinced that the only way Utahns can benefit from federal lands is to drill them to barrenness or grind them under the wheels of all-terrain vehicles.”

I am not puzzled. The Tribune and probably most people think these reactionary extremists care about jobs. They don’t! They care about profits for their patrons like the Koch Brothers and the oil industry.






  1. monty Avatar

    The “physical freedom and space” of the federal lands in Utah becomes ever more important as the human population increases. Please note that every state in the union when “selling their state for tourism” displays the most beautiful pristine part of the state. Beauty sells, mountain top mining removal doesn’t.