Office of President threatens to veto the notorious House, Dept. of Interior Appropriations bill

Finally, what we need to hear!

Yesterday the Office of the President released a detailed statement saying “The Administration strongly opposes House passage of H.R. 2584, making appropriations for the Department of the Interior, environment, and related agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2012.” “If the President is presented with a bill that undermines ongoing conservation, public health, and environmental protection efforts through funding limits or restrictions, his senior advisors would recommend he veto the bill.”

Here is the Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 2584 Interior Appropriations — Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2012. The file above contains the details of the many provisions the Administration doesn’t like. I was amazed at how many outrageous provisions are in it, but read for yourself.






  1. william huard Avatar
    william huard

    As Brooks put it last week, the modern day Republoman has morphed into a protest party incapable of governing. Hostage taking….. From restricting voter rights to restricting womens health issues to bad environmental policy…. How can these airheads think this is a winning political strategy for 2012?
    TheFAA is in partial shutdown over a partisan funding legislation dispute of 16 million dollars out of a budget of 16 billion. Republoman wants to make it more difficult for airline and railroad workers to unionize….. Hey, lets shut er down, lose 200 million in revenue, 2.5 billion in construction projects and we can slow down the economy even more…… Sounds like a plan

    1. jon Avatar

      Republicans/conservatives are disgusting and vile people if you ask me. They are one of the biggest threats to wildlife and the environment. Dems can be just as bad sometimes, but republicans take the cake with their anti-wildlife, anti-environment stances.

    2. Maska Avatar

      There are those around here who believe that this is precisely the GOP strategy: drive the economy into as bad a state as possible leading up to the election. Be sure gas prices are soaring in the early fall of 2012. Since most people aren’t too sophisticated and get their news from dubious sources, they will blame Obama for the debacle and sweep the Presidency and both houses of Congress. They may be right.

      1. william huard Avatar
        william huard

        Are americans this naive to fall for it….
        Scary to entertain the thought that the Republicans could sweep all bodies of government- god help us

  2. timz Avatar

    If the Democans in the Senate had any balls this bill would never even get to the President. As a matter of fact I would be surprised if this Senate didn’t pass it.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan


      The Office of the President puts out statements like this to clarify its position to members of its own party as well as to try to deter the opposition party. It is more likely to give the Democrats backbone as they hopefully try to strip off these obnoxious sections of the House Appropriations bill. If the President is not behind them, they might feel that any effort on their part is a fruitless quest.

      Of course, we don’t know that the President really will veto the bill. We don’t know that Democrats will be able to strip the “bad” sections. For example, the House bill (amazingly) reduces inspections of oil pipelines despite all that has happened with leaky pipelines. Unless some Republicans vote to add funds an amendment to do so might be lost because there are about 4 hard core “oil Democrats.”

  3. Michael Avatar

    I am a PROUD Republican and I am not a vile person. I contribute to Buffalo Field Campaign and support other groups that promote and support wildlife. Yes, the current Republican party is out of control on many issues but so are the Democrats. TIMZ is correct, if the Democrats that control the senate knew how to do what is right (something they have not done in a very long time) they would not pass this bill, but they will. In my opinion the only reason the Republican party in Washington acts the way they do is to conteract a President that has ZERO idea what he is doing. There is a balance that should take place in Washington to keep us moving in the right direction. Nature knows how to keep a good balance and we ALL should learn to live by those rules. Animals, our forests, river and streams need to be protected and I do hope this bill is never enacted, but it will take guts.

    1. jon Avatar

      Ok, I should have worded that better. Not all republicans are anti-environment, anti-wildlife, etc. The dems can also be just as bad. This is one of the few things that this president has done that I liked. Let’s see if he actually vetoes it. Talk is cheap Obama. actions speak louder than words.

    2. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      “Yes, the Republican party is out of control on many issues….. Gee, that’s kind of the understatement of the century…..
      What does a proud Republican stand for?

      I find it so humorous how a guy that looks like he lives in his parents basement and looks at pornography all day long has any power with these ideologues….
      Norquist is lucky he’s not in jail- Remember Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed,,, do a little research- Norquist was knee deep in that whole conspiracy

  4. Virginia Avatar

    Republicans in Congress have morphed into a cult – a cult that has one goal and that is to destroy President Obama and the Democrats and turn this country into a one-party rule. They are drunk with power and see the opportunity to gut every Democratic-supported issue – EPA, Clean Water Act, pollution control, environmental protections that keep our country clean and liveable and our wildlife protected. Our own C. Lummis (shudder) is one of the worst and is another Republican owned by the special interests. My hope is that in 2012, the people rise up and send these ignorant knotheads back where they belong – bottomfeeding where they can.

  5. Michael Avatar

    WOW – William you know nothing about me and yet you use personal attacks. What is a proud Republican, a person that believes in the ideas of men like Lincoln, Teddy Rossevelt and Ronald Regan. I think support the same wildlife issues you do but I want to do it another way and find I do not need to act like a bully (the Democrats are passing laws against this) to make a point. So you must not be a PROUD DONKEY. I have retired at over 35 years, with the same company in upper management, and spend my retirement supporting causes such as MS, cancer (which I have had two times) and work EVERY weekend at a homeless shelter. I am sure by the number of posts you make on almost every subject that you do the same.

    Ralph and Brian – I am disappointed how you have let this comment section become so degraded. Protecting and supporting our wild animals and places should be the focus. You have let this very worthwhile website become a site for personal attacks on people that believe what you do just because they are not a Democrat!

    1. william huard Avatar
      william huard


      Please tell me where in my post did I resort to a personal attack on you?
      If Democrats acted the way that current Republicans are I would be just as critical, and I was very critical of the Obama administration’s sellout of the NRM wolf population for a cynical attempt at saving a senate seat.
      If you stand for what you say you stand for you are a dinosaur in the Republican party. A party comprised of hostage takers that bears no resemblance to Reagan, Kemp and others. Now you have rabid ideologues like Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, and Chris Lee that don’t really care about this country’s middle class….These people think that “entitlements” are bad and that health care should only be afforded to people that can afford it….. In all my years I have never seen such irresponsible politicians. Just last night I had to put stop loss orders on my stock portfolio so I don’t lose all my assets when the markets crash…..

  6. Michael Avatar

    Virginia you are correct in every one of your statements. I too hope that the KNOTHEADS are voted out. These people in power are not the real Republican party that I support.

  7. Ralph Maughan Avatar
    Ralph Maughan

    It’s my personal view that the problem is not people who think of themselves as Republicans, “proud” or not, but the band of Republican office-holders elected in 2010 who are willingly pushing the country toward financial default despite Obama’s pathetic efforts (pathetic from a Democatic perspective) to offer them reward after reward for their intransigence.

    As conservative columnist David Brooks recently wrote in a now much requoted column, these Republicans no longer seem to function like a normal political party — the don’t bargain and then make a deal.

    I would add that they now seem bent on revolution, although one without a plan. They are stepping beyond the boundaries of acceptable and legal political action.

    1. william huard Avatar
      william huard

      And today you have the Republican blowhards talking about how shameful it is that the country does not adopt an extreme cutcap and balance bill that among other things makes it nearly impossible to raise revenue in the future by amending a 2/3 majority in both chambers for tax increases while allowing a simple majority vote for agendas that the Republicans favor. These people are not honest brokers…. Geez, they forget to mention tose points while on the Sunday talk shows……

  8. Virginia Avatar

    I have not been able to watch the Sunday talk shows since Gregory took over on MTP. He never asks the tough questions and it is a waste of my time. Bob S. on CBS is almost as bad and ABC is just another branch of the republican party. Mainstream television has become vile and ridiculous and insults our intelligence. Have you ever heard them talk about the environmental issues?

  9. David Avatar

    The real problem is the two party system. Both Dems and Repubs hav worked to monopolize the system. In many states 3rd patry canidates are sued into poverty at the bench of two party judges. Many decent Repubs have nothing in common with Pelosi, many decent Dems hav nothing in common Eric Cantor, Thus, with just two parties we are left with a choice between the skypeople and the highpeople. Where’s Abe Lincoln when we need him – probably has a real job.
    Yellowstone or bust…


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