A cement plant in a sparsely inhabited part of Oregon produces massive amounts of neurotoxic mercury. Idaho’s Simpson wants to give them a free pass to pollute Idaho-

Mercury is not an unavoidable contaminant of cement. However, the deposit near Durkee, Oregon contains a very high level. Durkee, Oregon itself is a bit of nothing about 25 miles west of the Idaho border.

Isn’t it great, Idaho Representative Mike Simpson reaches out to Oregon, at least to their polluters? Representing Idaho’s fishing and beautiful environment would be cool thing to do too, but that doesn’t seem to be his way.

Payette Lake Fish High in Mercury. Sisyphus’s blog in 43rd State Blues.

Ash Grove Cement at Durkee, Oregon. August 2010. It doesn't look like much, but it is an amazingly concentrated source of mercury pollution -- the second largest open air source of mercury pollution in the entire country! Copyright Ralph Maughan

Payette Lake in western Idaho near McCall. Copyright Ralph Maughan


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