Summer temperatures were up 2.3 degrees compared to the last century-

A 9.7 degree rise in the mean temperature is predicted for the next century.

Study: Yellowstone region records hottest decade ever, on pace for disastrous warming effects by the end of the century. By Jodi Hausen.  Bozeman Chronicle.

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I want to comment that reporting average or mean temperatures usually doesn’t impress people all that much. Reporting the number of days over 90 or 100 degrees would give the reader more of an impression.

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3 Responses to Study: Yellowstone region records the hottest decade ever

  1. mike post says:

    Ralph, I agree that this form of reporting often contradicts personal ad hoc experience and provides arm chair climate change doubters room to criticize the science. As an example, Yellowstone sure had a ton of snow left thru early June and the average visitor will not understand what is in play here. In other cases, the warming produces not examples of increased hot periods but of increased unsettled weather of extremes at both ends of the scale so even colder then average events can be seen. All counter intuitive to the average guy.

    • Jon Way says:

      Very good points Mike Post…

      I love this comment from the article:

      “But it will take collaboration between wildlife services, nonprofits and private landowners, particularly as conditions change.”

      Do they mean “the” wildlife services: are they going to spend less time in helicopters to avoid wasting our tax payers’ dollars and therefore limit CO2 discharge by not flying???

  2. Mike says:

    Awful news.

    Eventually people will be forced to do something about it.

    I have to say I’m not concerned if the reporting allows for “look out ma’ window methodology” climate change deniers ammo. You don’t create reports with those goofs in mind. None of that is important. You just release the information, and the information in this article is pretty damning.

    I loved all the greenery and higher water in August this year. The remaining snowfields were really cool and added to the scenery. There was acertain “hum” to the land.


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