Complaints about black bears decline in Northern Idaho

From 770 to 158 complaints in one year-

This shows the role that natural food availability plays in making bears into “bad” bears. As the story below indicates the changes was food availability.

It is a short shory, but very much worth reporting because bears causing damage is an easier story to write and seems to appeal to readership more than good news stories.

Black Bear Conflicts Down In N. Idaho. By Associated Press







  1. Nancy Avatar

    It would appear its not the case in Bozeman, Montana. Those folks need to wake up and realize when it comes to bears/ wilderness areas and their attraction to human waste left by the wayside? Yeah, if the opportunity presents it self??

  2. Guepardo Lento Avatar
    Guepardo Lento

    Although I’m curious if there has been any differences in the number of bears taken in those hunting units in the same period of time.


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