Sneakcat reports a wolf in Harney County, Oregon and maybe more than one in the Ochocos

An Imnaha Pack disperser moved through the forested area of Harney County, going in a straight line-

As I suggested the demise or near demise of the Imnaha Pack is not necessarily a really bad thing for the reoccupation of Oregon by wolves. A number of them have dispersed; more keep getting discovered. The dispersing Imnaha wolf in Ochocos remains there.  It remains there and biologists think it might be traveling with another wolf or wolves.

Sneakcat on these dispersers.



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  1. Daniel Berg Avatar
    Daniel Berg

    The speculation about the wolf in the Ochocos and the discovery of the Teanaway pack has me wondering about lone wolves.

    How many lone wolves are out there? For a Lookout pack female to head south to Teanaway, and to link up with a wolf from somewhere else at some point is amazing given that the Lookout pack was the only one known in the Washington Cascades up to that point.


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