Oregon Wild announces contest to name the wolf, now just “OR7”, that has crossed the state, maybe headed for California-

The conservation group Oregon Wild just announced a two-part contest for Oregon children and teenagers to suggest names for “OR-7”.  This lone wolf’s 300 journey across Oregon has captured the imagination of many. Here is the information on the contest’s details. Oregon Wild Launches ‘Name the Wolf’ Contest. From KTVZ.COM News Sources

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4 Responses to Far traveling Oregon wolf to get name?

  1. Jon Way says:

    It is funny to compare the (positive) reaction of this traveling wolf to who people in ID and WY would respond to this – or now in MT given the latest article above this one. It is funny who the voting demographics tend to be much more progressive than their neighbors in ID (well maybe not the ranchers in eastern OR but you get my point). Gee, is there a correlation to voting demographics and how they view wildlife. Seems so…

    • Immer Treue says:

      Perhaps a poor analogy, but the “usual” responders are comparable to those who relish telling youngsters there is no Santa Claus. Ironic, but the responders still believe in Little Red Riding Hood.

  2. Jon Way says:

    Sorry “who” should be “how” in 2 sections above.


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