Famous grizzly families fight over bison carcass in Grand Teton

Video now added-

Because they are so visible and photogenic, people are always interested in news about grizzly bear 399 and her cubs and also her adult daughter grizzly 610 and her offspring.

This year they moved to the very southern part of Grand Teton National Park. That has caused both joy and consternation, and it does make them easy to track.

The latest news is quite unusual. The mother 399, daughter 610 and their cubs have been fighting each other over possession of a real prize, a bison carcass just inside the national park. The story is in the latest Jackson Hole News and GuideGrizzly family squabbles over bison carcass in park. Famous bears once again inspire wonder. By Cory Hatch.

Here is a video of the fight Video shot by Sue Ewald Cedarholm.


  1. dailyjacksonhole Avatar

    Its been just an incredibly fun few weeks down here with these two, just a blast. They are out and pretty easy to see everyday.

  2. jdubya Avatar

    Shouldn’t those critters be curling up for a long winter’s nap?

  3. Cindy Avatar

    They reported in the local news yesterday that as long as those gut piles left from the Park hunt are still available, the bears won’t go to the dens yet. They are expecting those to be gone everyone to be settled by the third week of December. It was noted that 310 has historically been one of the last bears to den in the past few years.

  4. Cindy Avatar

    Bear 399 to be the last:)

  5. Jeff Avatar

    I believe the park and refuge elk hunts end this Sunday. Bison hunting goes until mid-January this year on the refuge and adjacent USFS lands. Not many bison have been killed in the past few years and they are becoming increasingly difficult to hunt, but it wouldn’t take many bison carcasses/gut piles to provide food for a few bears. As long as there is adequate food available, bears will stay out. I’m planning on looking for the bears this weekend.

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      Thank you! I will put it as a link to the post.


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