Idaho miscellany: Happy wolf story plus bigfoot video

“Lost” puppy picked up by campers was male wolf pup-
Students video a “bigfoot” near Pocatello-

Most wolf stories from Idaho have lately been negative due to the domination of the political scene by anti-wolf politicians, but there is a heart warming story from Ketchum where campers picked up what they thought was a lost dog puppy on the Warm Springs road.  It turned out to be a wolf pup, and one that needed help because it must have gotten separated from its pack some time ago.

Rocky Barker did a story on the pup, and in the story he has a link in it to Idaho’s other wildlife story. This one is about students having a bigfoot sighting in the mountains near Pocatello. They did actually get about 2 seconds of video of something black that doesn’t look like a bear. It was in Mink Creek canyon West Fork south of Pocatello.  I have walked the trail perhaps 150 times in the years I have lived in Pocatello. I’ve never seen a bear there. Significantly, the students climbed to where the animal was seen and photographed what look like bigfoot tracks.

Defenders of Wildlife has a longer story on the pup and how the pup is doing now, under care.









  1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
    Ralph Maughan

    Looking at the video, it appears to me that the sighting was well up the West Fork toward Elk Meadows. Snow is totally gone now from the lower part of the West Fork of Mink Creek.

    There are photos of the tracks in the snow, so if they are not fakes, they ought to be able to follow them. On the other hand, the tracks can probably be determined fake pretty fast, if it is a hoax, with the snow all around.

  2. Linda Jo Hunter Avatar

    It is interesting to look at the picture of the track in the snow. Usually when you are tracking something in snow the track is a little deeper in some spots showing more shadow and evidence of actual movement of the foot. Also, seldom does any live thing when it is moving show such a cookie cutter perfect track without a heel or toe push off and each digit registering evenly. Every time someone has a picture or cast of a big foot track they only found one track, not a trail, and that track is complete and perfect which is so unlike any other tracks. Too fake.

    1. Immer Treue Avatar
      Immer Treue

      Surprising that with the “new” toed athletic shoes we don’t see a few more realistic attempts at this, where one won’t get that “cookie cutter” print.

      1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
        Ralph Maughan

        I think this will turn out to be a fraud. Many casts have been made of “true” (at least more realistic) bigfoot tracks and there are many obvious frauds, as well as photos of both. There is a local expert (Dr. Jeff Meldrum) at Idaho State University studied this controversial topic. I imagine he could uncover a fraud here as easily as he has in the past.

        I don’t know why the tracks weren’t followed, if they were not a fraud. The high school students didn’t want to be named (see the video). That might be evidence either way, I guess.

  3. Harley Avatar

    Cute wolf pup! One of the articles mentioned that the family could have been nearby. I’m curious, if they were nearby, why didn’t they try to protect the pup?

    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      One article said there was an effort to find the pack, but they could locate no wolves at all.

      1. Harley Avatar

        Would they even accept the pup after a prolonged period of time?

  4. Peter Kiermeir Avatar
    Peter Kiermeir

    Bigfoot comes out early this year! Normally he is seen in the dull and boring summer month. Hey, there is already a Chupacabra article in the news! Nessie, where are you?

  5. Mtn Mamma Avatar
    Mtn Mamma

    Dr. Jim HalfPenny has said that he will fly anywhere at a moments notice to track a big foot if there is a credible report.

  6. Derek Farr Avatar
    Derek Farr

    The video is conclusively inconclusive. It could be a number of animals, including a human. The print is a hoax. There is not heel drag or toe kick; no indication of motion. It’s as if the print was carefully placed there on purpose. As I expect it was.

  7. Richie G. Avatar
    Richie G.

    Let me assume something,that the entire pack was killed, and maybe one or two were left and then killed. How many of these pups are lying around to fend for themselves,this is just one camping family who found a pup. How many more are out their, this sickens me,I do not know about the rest of the people who write comments, but this is sad to think how many more are out their to die.The west,the beautiful open spaces of nature.I know Ralph and Ken ,this does not sit well with them.