Oregon continues to worry about foreign creatures clinging to washed up dock from Japanese earthquake

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Newport, Oregon. Several tones of oceanic species foreign to Oregon waters were removed from the 150 ton derelict dock, burned and buried.  However, because of the concentration of creatures it is more likely than usual that survivors will find mates and infest Oregon waters.

There is now a debate over what to do with the dock sitting on the beach. Is it an eyesore or a tourist attraction?  In the last week, it has clearly been the latter with thousands coming to see it.  The state might wait until more trash from the tsunami washes up before they clean the popular beach area.

More on this Thousands flock to see tsunami dock on Oregon beach. Seattle Times. Jeff Bernard. AP
OSU scientists feel a ‘cast of very bad characters’ may have arrived on dock from Japan.  By Lori Tobias,  The Oregonian






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