Blacktail Fire was only 5 acres when suppression was ordered-

Although Yellowstone has had several “spot” fires this year, lightning caused the first real (potentially) large fire today.  The order to suppress it came when the fire was only about 5 acres in size.  It is burning between the  the gravel Blacktail Plateau Drive and the northern leg of the Grand Loop.

Meanwhile much larger fires are breaking out in the heavily forested country of Idaho and Western Montana now.  A strong monsoonal flow is moving in from the south beginning Friday for about 4 days. This could be full of lightning, but it also could drop a lot of water in places.  Which effect predominates will make a huge difference.

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Update July 15. The fire is not yet controlled. It has grown to 15 acres, but this is hardly a major fire.
Update July 25, 2012.  Rain helped control the fire at about 30 acres. Story: Yellowstone Park lifts fire restrictions after rain showers. Yellowstone Gate

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2 Responses to Yellowstone Park gets its first forest fire of year

  1. Memories of Yellowstone fire behavior. I was camping on Yellowstone lake in a backcountry site watching The Promontory burn, on about day 4 a massive front moved in and it rained for 12 hours. The entire landscape changed before our eyes. That night there were thousands of campfire sized hotspots burning all over The Promitory, reflected flickerings easily seen 1.5 miles across the lake.
    Great to witness. Regretfully I have yet to make it back to walk the grounds of the rebirth.

  2. skyrim says:

    Fire, with it’s destructive elements has a cleansing element. Like many, I was stunned to think I may not see Yellowstone again in its glory after the fires of 88.
    The rebirth has been incredible to witness each Spring since those tragic days.


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