The Idaho Wildlife Summit will soon be underway. For those of you who are not physically attending it starts on-line today (Friday) at 6:30 PM.

The information below is from the “Idaho Wildlife Summit Team.”

The Wildlife Summit starts on Friday at 6:30pm Mountain Time. Eight-hundred plus Idahoans have signed up around the state!  If you have signed up and your plans have changed, please let us know by emailing
If you have friends and family who unable to attend one of the meetings around the state, encourage them to participate online.  The entire event will be streamed over the web and people will be able to participate in the polling questions and a chat room on the Wildlife Summit webpage.

Thank you for being part of the Wildlife Summit!

The Wildlife Summit Team

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2 Responses to How to access the Idaho Wildlife Summit on-line

  1. who gives a damn what you do. as long as you’re killing wolves, I’ll never vacation there or buy ANYTHING from Idaho.

  2. Salle says:

    Wildlife Summit Concludes

    “TWIN FALLS • A three-day Idaho Wildlife Summit concluded Sunday with a member of a hunting organization defending the need for diversity, including species such as wolves and mountain lions that have been controversial in some states.”


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