Has the dry summer depleted her food?

Grizzly bear 610 and her 3 cubs are usually in the southern part of Grand Teton Park, but she rarely leaves. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reports, however, that bear 610, who is herself the daughter of another famous bear 399, took her 3 cubs and moved onto the Wilson to Moose road where they scrounged for berries and bluff charged autos on the busy backroad. This resulted in its closure. Then they left the Park onto private land. Mike Boyce, of  Wyoming Department of Game and Fish who is a bear specialist said he thought she looking pretty thin, but her cubs were OK.

WY Game and Fish has an early private land elk hunt south of the Park. They thought she might have been attracted by the gun shots. Bear throughout the area know gunshots usually mean elk guts . . . many, many calories; but often death to the bears too. Evidence for this elk guts-hypothesis was not strong apparently. At any rate, the bears were hazed back into the Park. They were in an area close to Jackson Hole homes.

Bear deaths in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem have been high this year, many from natural causes despite the smiling puffery from Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar who says the bears have plenty of food and need to be delisted.

Famous grizzly hazed back into Teton park Drought, sparse forage are perhaps to blame for sow’s recent troubles.   By Mike Koshmrl, Jackson Hole, WY

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5 Responses to Famous Grand Teton grizzly 610 hazed back into Park

  1. ramses09 says:

    I think Salazar should be hazed back into CO. he is a lobbyist for the ranchers & hunters. I heard that there was a death of some sorts (murder) on his ranch & that he employees illegal immigrants on his ranch.?? Anyone have any type of information on this??? Salazar is a puppet.

  2. ramses09 says:

    I think it has been a very hard summer for a lot of species. Who knows what kind of winter anyone will have. But the way things are going – – it does not look as if it will be very cold. I hope I’m wrong though.
    I feel for all of the creatures that are wild. I hope whomever is up there (heaven ??) looks after them. They need all of the help they can get, because our government isn’t doing it – thats for sure.

  3. first the wolves now the bears….when will ken salizar start killing bald eagles?

  4. Ben Schoppe says:

    In your opinion, when should bald eagles be delisted?
    I am located in Central Utah, a winter migratory destination for the birds? They are so numerous in winter that they are becoming a hazard. Multiple birds surrounding deer carcasses and being hit on highway 89. Is anybody aware of what the effects are from high density eagle populations? The eagle’s recovery has been spectacular. A rare (imho) result of the ESA. Is it acceptable for a species to have an exit strategy fro the endangered list?


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