Human-caused fire just one ridge south of Cache Creek!

Revised on 9/11 afternoon. All of the mountains immediately south of Jackson, WY have been closed due to the Little Horsethief Fire Horsethief Canyon Fire that started from an illegal private trash fire late Saturday and now is over 1500 2600 acres just south of the large tourist, recreation town of Jackson, Wyoming. It began adjacent to South Park and burned up into the mountains away from the hayfields and houses.

The fire is burning in the uplands just south of Cache Creek. The town of Jackson lies at the mouth of Cache Creek.  The east side of Jackson is an advisory notice for evacuation.

Here is the InciWeb site

The Jackson Hole News and Guide has an on-line story they have been updating fairly often on the fire.

Here is the Town of Jackson Fire Evacuation advisory map. Posted 9/11

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Meanwhile a fire just south of Casper, Wyoming on Casper Mountain (The Sheep Herder Hill Fire) has burned 7 homes and threatens 750 more. Story in Casper Star Tribune.

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12 Responses to New wildfire grows rapidly just south of Jackson, WY

  1. CodyCoyote says:

    This fire was man-caused. Grrrr….

    Updates every half hour or so from the Jackson Hole news & Guide

    • Ralph Maughan says:

      I couldn’t find info on the details of the human cause, but it shows the ignition point very close to the busy highway.

      • Ralph Maughan says:

        I updated the story to tell that the fire was started by a man who burned trash on his property. Burning under the conditions then prevailing was not allowed.

  2. Jeff says:

    It started in the backyard of a home in the Little Horsethief subdivision, it started around 3pm and exploded up the hill and into the canyon complex behind Snow King shortly thereafter. It was supposedly a brush fire that went out of control.

  3. Salle says:

    Well, if it’s as windy over there as it is here today, good luck.

  4. TetonBadger says:

    Thanks, checking in from the evacuation advisory zone, and things appear to have calmed a bit so that’s good, the official update site is here:

    We are all hopeful things will turn from town!

  5. I hope the whole state burns up and takes all the wolf killers with it, especially the governor. (KARMA)

    • SAP says:

      Are you 9 years old or something? Did it ever occur to you that maybe not everyone in a state supports those policies? I saw your juvenile tantrum about the Idaho fires too.

      For what it’s worth, Jackson, WY is a very progressive community, with many intelligent, caring people who very much supported wolf reintroduction and very much opposed Wyoming’s wolf policies.

      But even if Jackson were more representative of the rest of Wyoming, wishing harm upon innocent people is wrongheaded and hateful.

      Think of the irony: on September 11, you are hoping that innocent people get hurt because you oppose the policies of their government.

  6. Mike says:

    Whoever is responsible for this should be thrown in jail.


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