“Boo Boo,” the burnt bear cub is healing nicely (with update)

Mustang Fire orphaned this small cub, but he’s healing nicely-


Idaho Statesman reports the cub might be too small to hibernate this winter, so will laze it away dozing and eating (see this story at the bottom of the page)-

Though The Wildlife News hasn’t covered the story until now, many media have run stories on the central Idaho bear cub found clinging to a burnt tree, orphaned, after the huge Mustang fire moved through this summer (the fire continues to burn as of Sept. 24). 
The discovery of the burned cub was in August. The cub was given a pet name, “Boo Boo.” He was reminiscent of the real “Smoky the Bear.” The original Smoky was a wildfire burned bear cub too. Boo Boo got a lot of medical help, and his four burned paws are healing nicely. He has been moved to a 2-acre enclosure near McCall, Idaho.  Twice as big now as when found, he has been renamed “Bernard,” and he might be released to the wild next year.

Here is one of the most recent of this “human interest” story. Burned bear ‘Boo Boo’ in rehabilitation. By the Associated Press
Update Sept. 24, 2012. Black bear rescued from Idaho wildfire may not be ready to hibernate this winter. Idaho Statesman. By Katy Moeller.






  1. Ida Lupine Avatar
    Ida Lupine

    Awwwww – glad to hear Boo-Boo is doing much better. 🙂

  2. Mike Avatar

    Hopefully they release him after hunting season.

  3. cecilia bosco Avatar
    cecilia bosco

    First hearing about the cub, so so happy he is healing & to all that care for and love animals everywhere, thank you & God Bless. And I pray He is watching all the good in this world to make up in some small way for all the evil.

  4. Richie G Avatar
    Richie G

    Sounds so sweet I hope he will have a safe life.


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