Readers of The Wildlife News might be interested in my new book, My Yellowstone Experience. Yellowstone is near and dear to many of our hearts here at The Wildlife News, as evidenced by the disproportionate amount of topics (and opinions) related to Yellowstone, compared to elsewhere, that are discussed on this website.

My Yellowstone Experience, with over 300 fully color pictures in its 152 pages, highlights the amazing hydrothermal features, scenery, and wildlife that can be seen in Yellowstone National Park in a typical week long vacation. The park is unique in that you can experience so much of the natural world in such of a short period of time, and this book will inform you on all of the most pertinent things to see, regardless of how long or short your journey may be.

In my opinion, Yellowstone’s hands-off preservationist approach to nature makes it unique, and the success of this management strategy is visibly evident with the wild herds of bison, elk, deer, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep, and the presence of predators like coyotes, cougars, wolves, and bears that follow them. This book is abundantly illustrated and uses simple language to describe much of the ecology of Yellowstone, especially its large, charismatic mega-fauna. What a deal – $25 for a week’s entry fee for a map, newsletter, and some of the most miraculous features that we, as Americans, all own!

If anyone is interested in the book I offer a high quality version on my websites. It is printed on shiny glossy paper and is fully color. Other sources (such as have a lower quality version available as a Print On Demand book. Both of the following websites link to this book:

About The Author

Jon Way

Jonathan Way is the author of Suburban Howls, an account of his experiences studying eastern coyotes/coywolves in eastern Massachusetts. He also has a business Eastern Coyote Research ( and is currently seeking an institution that will support him and his research. He currently works seasonally for Cape Cod National Seashore, is a part time post-doctoral researcher with the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center, and is a frequent traveler to the Yellowstone area. He is currently seeking a publisher for 2 different book projects: “My Yellowstone Experience” and “Coywolf”, both of which are nearly completed including with pictures.

3 Responses to My Yellowstone Experience

  1. Denise Boggs says:

    Im interested in checking out your book but don’t agree with your comment of YNPs “hands off preservationist” management. YNP is directly involved in the persecution and slaughtering of bison. They are actively involved in the disgraceful hazing of bison outside the park. They have been very timid in their position on the killing of wolves, many of them collared for research purposes. Their current Superintendent Wenk is a political hack more concerned with his career than the preservation of the park. What we really need is a book exposing the political management of the park at the expense of its magnificent natural resources.

    • Jon Way says:

      Denise, for the sake of argument I am talking about within the borders of the park. The focus of the book is positive and cheery which is sometimes hard for me to do with my own research on eastern coyotes/coywolves… But yes outside of the park is certainly a different story. The book you suggest is a completely different animal than which I set out to write – at least this time around, since mine is more of a journey of being in the park (I do mention the brucellosis & bison mgmt nonsense, albeit briefly).

      To put it a different way, if the park didn’t exist then we wouldn’t even be having the conversation that you write about – which is along the edges of her borders… Thanks for the thoughts…

  2. Ida Lupine says:

    Yes, Yellowstone is near and dear to many of us. I’ll look forward to reading your experiences and remembering my own.


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