CNN asks “Is Cat Poop dangerous?”

Yes, indeed it is from cats that roam outside-

We won’t belabor this because we have discussed the dangers of the parasites in cat scat many times here. It is good to have CNN discuss it, however.

The next time you step in it, after the standard “Oh S__t!” think “toxoplasmosis.”  Disinfect your shoes. The next time the cat sleeps on your pillow, well . . . . ?


Read:  Is cat poop dangerous? By CNN Staff. Tue July 9, 2013





  1. Kathleen Avatar

    OK, so cat poop is scary stuff. People should know the risks and act accordingly. One per cent of all cats are infected at any given time. But the REAL risk to us as a species is not from kitty doo but from factory farming. Gross misuse of antibiotics (80% of all antibiotics sold in U.S. are used in factory farming!), mutating pathogens, massive amounts of toxic manure stewing in over-flowing, leaking lagoons, climate change, did I say mutating pathogens?…and consumers by the millions continue marching to grocery stores to buy and consume the products derived from this toxic filth and animal misery. Sure, it’s easy to wring our hands over cats because a vendetta against them seems to be in vogue right now, but the mother of all pandemics isn’t going to come from Smoky and Fluffy’s litter box…it’s going to be the “reward” our species reaps for its hideous treatment of animals in factory farms. “How to stop the next pandemic: End factory farming”

  2. Immer Treue Avatar
    Immer Treue

    Is cat poop dangerous? My dog doesn’t think so!

    1. Ken Cole Avatar

      Kitty roca.

  3. JM Avatar

    When I first heard about toxoplasmosis I began taking extra precautions when cleaning out my indoor/outdoor cat’s litter box. A couple of years ago I came across some in depth information explaining how Toxo works it’s way from rats to cats and literally alters brain activity. (not to state that rats are the only way a cat acquires toxo)It truly is a fascinating video of an interview with Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a leading researcher into how Toxoplasma affects humans. here is the link.

  4. ann fox Avatar
    ann fox

    I am much more afraid of the verbal diarrhea that comes from the mouths of our politicians…..& newspapers ect ….the cat poop has some serious competition!

  5. Ida Lupine Avatar
    Ida Lupine

    I think there’s more dog poop around than cat’s. The annoying thing I see is that people are starting to pick up after their dogs, but they leave it in the plastic bag to putrify in the hot sun and rain on the walking trails. Now if the dog owners can just learn the extra step of putting it in the trash receptacle!

  6. wyores Avatar

    I think the bigger issue is outdoor and feral cats. The destruction of small mammal, birds and reptiles is greater than thought and has been in the news recently.

    It may be thier nature but they are not part of our ecosystem and I would rather see a bobcat take a rabbit than a housecat.

    Outdoor cats are akin to pythons in the everglades. Owners need to be responsible and efforts need to be made to eradicate feral cats.

  7. Snaildarter Avatar

    Coyotes are in all 50 states now. I believe feral cats now have an affective predator. However Coyotes have been proven in ineffective against pythons and are just another food source.

    1. Mark L Avatar
      Mark L

      Coyotes in Hawaii? Say it ain’t so….

      Part (maybe most?) of the reason coyotes (and by implication red wolves) were night hunted in North Carolina is because they are a threat to house cats. Not livestock…..cats. Oddly, I think a lot of cats get young pythons though, from what I’ve heard.

  8. Snaildarter Avatar

    Oops Hawaii is probably still safe. I doubt there are any feral cats left in the Everglades they have disappeared along with the possums, raccoons, squirrels and anything else that uses trees are a safe haven to raise their young.

    Coyotes are hunted at night, by bubbas with their new night vision toys. Red wolves and coyotes are almost the same thing so wolves get in the way. I’m not sure cat loses are the only issue. People are freakin out in general about coyotes.


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