Wolf that went to California seems to have new home-

After many stories about Oregon wolf 7 (OR-7) in the Golden State, last spring he finally returned to Oregon . . . though not to his faraway birthplace in NE Oregon.

We haven’t heard about him for some time now, but his location has stabilized in good habitat in SW Oregon. He may still be alone, but perhaps not.

Story in Cascadia Wildlands. The wolf known as “OR-7” appears to have found a home. By Geoff Norcross

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7 Responses to So whatever happened to wolf OR-7

  1. Gail Clark says:

    Glad to know he is alive and apparently well. But how dumb to give away his location. That brings extremely serous concerns.

    • SaveBears says:

      If the reporters know it, believe me many others already do as well.

    • Ralph Maughan says:

      Depends. They hinted a lot when he was in California,but given the area only a few people saw him.

      Southwest Oregon is a heavily vegetated place in a lot of parts. Like N. CA you can imagine bigfoot and know the reality of lots of backwoods weed farms.

      • SaveBears says:


        I honestly believe there are a lot more people that know the locations of wolves in these states and just not saying anything and I mean people on both sides of the fence.

  2. WyoWolfFan says:

    I hope he stays safe, thrives, and finds a mate.

  3. Karen Ciresi says:

    I just want to know that he is safe and still with us. It’s been so long since there’s been any news on him and after all terrible wolf fatalies, I can only hope he is not one of them. Was he a collared wolf?

  4. Real Nice Guy says:

    This might turn into an interesting study of OR-7’s travels: http://or7expedition.org/


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