Jackson, Wyoming under landslide threat (w/updates)

Area beneath East Gros Ventre Butte closed-
Update on 4/11 at the bottom of page-

After the deadly slide at Oso, Washington, people take landslides more seriously.  The area on the East Gros Ventre Butte at Jackson, Wyoming, has developed a bulge, signaling an incipient mudslide. Below it there are about about 60 residents living on or near Budge Drive. The area has been evacuated.

The Jackson Town Council declared a state of emergency. It also made a disaster declaration. The cracks go down to 40-60 feet. There has been no news as to how the potential volume would compare to the slide in Washington State. Judging from Google Earth it appears to be less.

There are a number of potential slide areas near Jackson, especially in the adjacent canyons to the east and southeast. Cache Creek is full of them, but it and most other canyons are not full of houses. This slide area, however, is directly above  the northwest side of the town. 

The Jackson Hole Daily has full news. Slide Fear Prompts Evacuation. By Ben Graham

UpdateOdds are low landslide will ‘lurch‘. Jackson Hole Daily.  However, the slide zone could well become a persistent problem for all the development below it.
Update 4/12. Forecasted rain won’t help with landslide. Jackson Hole News and Guide. Hmmm, said to be “slow-moving,” but story also says and shows significant movement.







  1. Nancy Avatar

    “There are people living there who have refused to leave. That’s their choice because we can’t forcibly remove them,” Robinson said. “On one side of the (hillside) road, we did have a sinkhole develop, and it’s not safe to dig it out and put a man in the hole”


    1. Ralph Maughan Avatar
      Ralph Maughan

      While many of those dead at Oso, Washington were innocent victims, there was also Thom Satterlee, the militant property rights person who built right in front of the landslide. The result was the death of him and his wife and I think his son and fiancee. That was a stupid thing to do. However, rescuers no doubt risked their lives sorting through the area of his home.

      Everyone knows about that landslide now. I certainly hope that if this Jackson, WY landslide goes, there will be no paid responders put at risk because of the stupidity of a few of the residents. Play it safe and give them a Darwin award.

      1. cobackcountry Avatar

        My husband’s friend lost his father in Oso. I am amazed they were able to find his remains (he was one of the last persons found). If you have fair warning, get out.


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