We have made links to web cams in Idaho, Western Montana and Western Wyoming-.

Alpine, ID/WY web cam. Located on the Idaho-Wyoming border looking east to the mouth of the Snake River Canyon.

Big Piney, WY air quality cam. Near Big Piney looking ENE across the desert to the Wind River Mountains.

Bitterroot Valley webcams. View of the Bitterroot Mtns and more from Bitterroot Valley, MT.

Bondurant, WY south web cam

Bozeman Pass. The summit on Interstate 90 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT.

Bozeman, MT. Several webcams.

Brooks Lake Lodge. Absaroka Range

Cooke City, MT looking west.

Daniel, Wyoming web cams. About ten webcams in and around 50 miles from Daniel, Wyoming.

Dunoir Valley. About ten miles north of Dubois, WY. You Tube live.

Electric Peak and Yellowstone River web cam (live) Electric Peak is the highest peak entirely inside Yellowstone Park. This cam is on the Yellowstone River at Gardiner pointed at Electric Peak

Flathead Lake, MT

Gates of the Mountains. Near Helena, MT

Gilmore Summit. A pass between the Lemhi and Birch Creek Valleys.

Glacier National Park. From Apgar Mtn, Montana.

Glacier National Park. St. Mary Lake

Grand Teton National Park. A very good view from Lost Creek Ranch on the east side of the Park looking west.

Johnson Creek airport cam. Deep in the central Idaho mountains-

Kalispell, MT. NW Montana small city.

Henry’s Lake Flat. A beautiful large meadow. Notable for severe blizzards in the winter.

Hoback Rim, WY. Just before you drop down into the headwaters of the Hoback River.

Lake McDonald. Large lake in side Glacier National Park, MT.

Lander, WY. Main street of Lander, Wyoming on the east slope of the Wind River Range.

Lone Pine web cam. In the Birch Creek Valley between the Lemhi and Beaverhead Mountains.

Lolo Pass, ID/MT. On the stateline and Bitterroot Divide, U.S. Highway 12.

Lookout Pass, ID/MT. On the stateline and Bitterroot Divide. Interstate 90.

Lost Trail Pass. Idaho-Montana border highway.

Louis Lake Road. Near southern end of Wind River Range, west of Lander, WY.

Mackay, Idaho. Camera perspective is flattened.

Mammoth Hot Springs. Yellowstone National Park. (Mammoth is at a low elevation in the Park).

New on 9/1/2016Middle Fork Flathead River from Apgar Mtn. (Glacier NP)

Monida Pass, ID-MT. On the Continental Divide Interstate Highway crossing.

Old Faithful Geyser streaming web cam. Large view

Pocatello, ID (downtown). Requires Java.

Raynolds Pass, ID-MT. In Montana near the pass, looking across the highway. Raynolds Pass is the Continental Divide and also the Idaho/Montana border.

Sawtooth Camera. Located at Stanley, Idaho (view of the Stanley Basin and the Sawtooth Mountains)

New! Sawtooth Camera at Redfish Lake.

New on 8/29/2016Sawtooth City, Idaho at south end of Sawtooth Valley

Saint Mary, MT. In Glacier National Park.

South Pass, WY. South pass is at the south end of the Wind River Range.

Spring Creek Ranch (of the Tetons)

Teton Pass. A greatly improved web cam on Teton Pass. It gives 4 views.

Teton Range (West Slope). The “Idaho side of the Tetons.

New on 9/3/2016. Togwotte Pass, Cont. Divide, Wyoming

New on 9/1/2016. Trapper’s Point Wildlife Overpass webcam (just west of Pinedale, WY)

Two Medicine web cam– Glacier National Park.

West Yellowstone. Montana web cam

Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana cameras page – In NW Montana.

Willow Creek Summit. Central Idaho near Mount Borah.

Wind River Mountains. U.S. Forest Service web site.

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